O.kay, so after SIX phone calls over a period of TWO HOURS, I still could not get a real-live person who could speak English, or even get the several different non-English speaking personnel to transfer my call to the continental United States! I find this EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE.

I pay American taxes and you wouldn't believe the taxes on my AT&T bill. I bundle, so there's extra taxes for Internet, and extra taxes for my cell phone. I am quite certain that I am not the only person OFFENDED by the fact that 1) I can't understand the foreigner on the other end of my phone, and 2) they don't understand what I'm trying to accomplish in my phone call.

I have been an AT&T customer for DECADES, and apparently my business means absolutely NOTHING to AT&T, so I guess I am going to check into other carriers, regardless of how seriously inconvenient that is going to be for a Senior Citizen on a fixed income. This type of business practice is HIGHLY OFFENSIVE, and I would appreciate an ENGLISH SPEAKING American to contact me to get my concerns resolved.

User's recommendation: do not use AT&T if you want decent customer service.

Location: Akron, Ohio

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