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att never contacted me but on the next bill they did fixed thanks

Original review posted by user Sep 24

About three years ago I have to buy a modem from at&t and a week later I received a letter from them about getting a discount on my Internet monthly fee of 26.00 dls for 6 months, when the bill came it was for 52.00 dls so I called and was told we are going to fix 2nd bill same thing , 3rd bill same and when I called to complain I was being helped by being transfered to 3 supervisors" (two in India) that is when I noticed that they were making fun of me so I canceled service and another bill came like I never cancel , it was very hard for me to get the last payment back it actually took two months. So now three years later they sent me an e-mail offering me 40.00dls fiber (I was paying 55.59 with the cable ) plus a visa card for 100.00 and 300 Mbps .

well I got my first bill and yes is 50.00 dls plus they were also were going to bundle it with my direc tv. SO HERE WE GO AGAIN

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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