It is August 11. I missed my payment due in July 9th, they cut my service off within days. I wasn't able to get through to the phone lines on August 9th to make a payment so I called the following Monday August 11. I wanted to pay the past due $202 that was due July 9 TODAY AUGUST 11 to have my service restored and then pay the now late $197 that was due 2 days ago on my next check August 22. They refuse to work out a reasonable payment plan...even though they cut my service off for being days late. They are saying if I would have called just 3 days ago it'd be a completely different story.

I've never asked for a payment extension in the last year that i've been using them and they are not being flexible at all.

So, I told them if they won't be flexible I'm going back to DirecTV or Xfinity. Basically they would have their whole $402 by Aug 22. They told me I have until September 12 before it is sent to collections.

I told them I will pay half now and half on Aug 22 and they could keep me as a customer or I will take my time paying the $400 by Sept 12 and LOSE me as a customer. They went for the latter.

SMH. *** ATT! I'll go to a company that actually wants my business.

Mr. Salazar in San Antonio was the least accomodating. they just got worse and worse as you work your way up!

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