Baytown, Texas
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ATT Telephone office:

Someone from your office keep calling my telephone number 913-294-4116. They wanted to sell me service for my computer and TV service. I told them I was not interested to add any other service.

They called the third time and again I told them I was not interested. However I get a call from ATT every day. These calls started a month ago and continue every day. When I answered the last three calls, the party calling from ATT hung up on me. I want this stopped. Please no more telephone calls from ATT callers. Vel Ann Koehn

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Tv Service.

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No DAN the problem is that most of the older guests that come into menards just assume that the younger employees are clueless. When, in fact, they probably have learned more about home improvement than you will ever know.

If you have too much pride to admit that a younger employee may know more about a particular item than you, then it looks like you've got some problems. Also, the majority of "younger people" that menards hire are NOT lazy.

Most of them, like myself, are either working through college or saving money in order to go to college. It really surprises me how closed minded people are.

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