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I have been an AT&T customer for over 15 years and a U-verse customer for 1 year. While their products are what I would consider slightly better than average, their billing and service issue are horrible.

My U-verse bills from day one have never been correct. I fought that battle for months and finally acquiesced to the fact it would never be what was agreed to by my understanding. Given the 2 year commitment for U-verse, it appeared I had little choice to resolve the bililng issue to my satisfaciton; I've been paying $139 a month for the past year (in addition to $170 for cell phone service).

I went to pay my cell bill today and checked my U-verse bill and was horrified to see that the price after one year jumped by over 54%! My new monthly chare for just TV and internet service jumped from $139 to $214! This increase is obscene! After 2 hours on the phone with their customer service, the final outcome was unproductive time wasted talking with their representatives that compared the rate increase to something similar to credit card rate teasers, payday loans, etc., then proceed to compare the lack of service as similar to the horrible service experienced by all that consumer cable products. That sets the bar pretty low for AT&T don't you think?

I am extremely upset with the attitude and response from AT&T. The 54% increase is criminal in my opinion. After all these years being a loyal customer it appears AT&T is more interested in locking you in for a two year term, then slamming the consumer with an outrageous price hike.

To those considering AT&T, beware: 54% in not an inflationary increase, it is a criminal adjustment that gives consumers no relief especially in an economy that is so shaky.

I hope others will take note before you engage AT&T Uverse and consider what you will be faced with on a monthly basis. You will be hammered with a $57 per month internet fee that is never mentioned before you agree to their services.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

ATT Cons: Price increase, Billing every month not the same.

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Contact people are not there to help you reach a program that's right for you...they are salespeople...they are hucksters...AT&T has an excellent product, but no shame.....


I know what you are saying here. The prices are just simply too much.

We have had at&t as our service for more than 30 years. There should be some way that after a contract is over that an older customer can get some of the deals they offer. I was told today that I could shop around and that I could go elsewhere for all my cable and cell phone business by a customer representative. I have cellular service that I pay $150 a month for.

And our u-verse is $205 a month. I just feel like they have doubled in prices and there is no break unless you leave. That is what Robert from customer service suggested I do today and "pissed" is definitely what I am.

I just felt like I was slapped in the face. 1000's spent with a company that could care less.


Dear *** Person,

Yes, I read my bill and I know exactly what I am talking about. You have NO blasted idea what you are talking about so take a hike.


"To those considering AT&T, beware: 54% in not an inflationary increase, it is a criminal adjustment that gives consumers no relief especially in an economy that is so shaky."

Did you ever actually read your bill? The discounts expire after 2 years, or 1 year in your case.

You never thought to compare the discounts to your bill? Sounds like you set yourself up for failure dummy.

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