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I have been an AT&T Internet customer for 3 months now, and every month I receive a bill with outrageous extra charges! Have to call Customer Service every time and spend 20 minutes each time going over/explaining the errors in my bill!

Was never told would be charged a $49 activation fee (I hooked up/installed router/modem myself - I did all the work - then as instructed went online to activate it) and was charged $49! Also, each time I receive a bill, I see late charges, extra fees, $$$$!. I paid $100 for the router/modem - and own it now. My Internet speed was abnormally slow/was unable to stream videos/freezing all the time; IT dept.

could not resolve the issue, so they sent a technician over - he tells me it's not my fault - he installs a new phone jack and says I will not be charged for his service. Then I receive my first bill for $200!!! Activation fee, technician fee, router fee, monthly plan fee, late charge!!! Never expected a $24.95 (promotianal offer) monthly Internet plan would become $200!!!

They threaten me with disconnecting service every month, sending me additional statements stating I have a "past due" amount, and must make a payment "immediately" or else my Internet service will be disconnected! And they did disconnect my service for 3 days! I NEVER expected such "riff-raff" from this company!

I made a big mistake! I guess I have to cancel my subscription and lose $100 for a router I will not be using anymore!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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they are doing this to me had them for 4 month and 34.95 has turned into over a 100.00 or more every month peter orr san clemente ca

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