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Over 5 years of terrible DSL internet service. AT&T was the only internet service provider (over DSL telephone lines, no cable service available) for many years... and this company totally acts like the ISP slumlords they are. Their service is slow and unreliable, their customer support certainly never seemed to improve, and the attitude they approach customers seemed "the customer is always wrong".

They provide: CENTURY old telephone line technology to service to your house, which was wired when the home was build (in my case over 30 years ago), using 30+ year old carrier MODEM technology, which provides less than 10% internet speed/bandwidth of a cable or fiber connection, but still CHARGE 80% of the price of cable. I can get 3x better/faster internet by hot-spotting my Sprint cell phone, except in bad storms, when the AT&T DSL service ALSO fails. My service is supposed to be 3 mbps download- frequently drops to less than 300 kbps- less than 10% of what I pay for.

The customer service they provide is terrible. The phone "voice recognition" system they use is very slow, has poor word recognition, and is very annoying and frustrating to use, touch-tone would be better, but they killed that option - once you get past THAT technological cerberus, expect another 20 minutes of phone wait *** to actually talk to a representative, to usually be walked through a useless scripted discussion or be told that another department at another number needs to be called. Can you transfer the call? NOPE, who do you think we are, the phone company??!, and have you tried our automated phone *** yet?? After perhaps 7 calls about the same issue in the same month, perhaps you will have someone listen enough to get beyond restarting the modem. They will dispatch a service tech, threaten to charge you $200 for a service visit if the issue is inside your home, charge $100 to replace your modem, and THEN discover that the phone line is run mere inches deep across the gravel road near your house and is destroyed. We'll just replace it but leave it on the surface for a week (being driven over) before we dig it in to ensure you have similar quality service in the future... My average time on a call for customer service for technical issues was usually around 90 minutes, usually half in waiting.

And GOOD LORD, DON'T BE LATE WITH THE PAYMENT- or they will charge a 15% late fee and than a $35 service reconnect fee all the while acknowledging that nothing is actually being disconnected- your service is entirely automated as settings in network equipment, and even the service "disconnection" and "reconnection" is automated, so if you are a penny short you still get disconnected, and the fee and "disconnection" are simply strong-arm billing tactics. Oh, and you probably won't get any notice beforehand either.

They seriously even dropped my call twice, transferred me and put me on hold to cancel my service (remember Cerberus, above?). Their representative was certainly not apologetic, but basically acknowledged their service was terrible before putting in the cancellation order. I suspect this part of their business survives by being difficult and inconvenient to get any type of human help, especially dropping the service, so as to better prey on old grannies and technophobes.

Seriously, anything is probably better than AT@T.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Dsl Internet Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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