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We have been paying for the "internet 100 stand-alone" service at the rate of $60 per month. However, lately we have not been receiving anywhere near that top speed (that is IF we ever have?). Speeds have been pitifully slow (under 20 mbps). That $60 package is now being advertised for only $40. We contacted AT&T customer service again today to report the issue. After almost an half hour on the phone with a rep, she identified a malfunction with the equipment, and said that they would be mailing out a new modem. When I explained that the problem had occurred several times before with their equipment and that it seems to happen about once a year and that I wanted a technician to install the device, the phone call was disconnected. I can't say for sure whether the agent hung up on purpose, but it felt that way.

So I called back and got another rep and indicated that I didn't feel as though I had the skill necessary to install the replacement equipment and asked for a technician to do it. The agent said that it would $149 for "a demand call." That's when I shouted that it's AT&T's responsibility to maintain their equipment and to handle installation.

When I called customer service again to discuss the poor service and fee difference, another agent flatly refused to make any adjustments, apologized that she couldn't be of help and said that I should make the best decision for my family and that 'cable' might be a better choice for our area! In other words, 'take your business elsewhere.' And then in the next breath she is trying to up-sell a television and mobile phone package! The unmitigated gall!

After tough negotiation to even get an appointment with a technician (to install a replacement for defective AT&T equipment with a history of rather routine device failure!) we were given a date for the technician's visit. I asked about the window of time for the visit and was told that it looked like there was no window. When the agent checked (and that took a very very long time on hold for her to do so!) she said that the reason there was no window was actually because there WERE NO APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE ON THAT DATE. Well, then why in-the-world would the system be set up to deceive customers? Why can't their system just say no appointments available on a given date. Why even ask customers what dates work for them?

It's a bit surprising that this time around they didn't shuttle any of the phone calls to their 'loyalty department.'

This recent spate of calls appears to be just more evidence of AT&T's strategy to win or maintain business by deceiving customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att U-verse Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor Quality & Poor customer care / also things not as described.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Provide the level of service per contract OR refund the difference between plans to reflect the service we have received, a minimum of $20 per month x 2 months. .

ATT Pros: Most of the agents spoke english fluently enough.

ATT Cons: Too long to id problem by phone.

  • Deceptive Practices
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