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I have been with ATT Uverse since 2007 but it has been a nightmare every month since Feb 2012. Every month they agree to fix the issue and every month when I get my bill it is the same overcharging or now this month, even higher.

Spoke to Christine on 2/11 when by bill went up from $89.23 to $115 for the same service. She said she could get it back down with promotions to the original $89 (including all taxes) but I would have to go from 2 receiver to 1. Okay, I sent that 1 back per their instructions by UPS, which luckily I checked with them a week later to make sure they had received it and they said they didn't. I gave them the UPS info to show they had delivered it so they put it in their records, otherwise they would have charged me for the second receiver.

If you send them something, make sure you follow up and keep your UPS records. Anyway, February to May and they are still charging me $99 instead of the agreed amt of $89. Spoke to Brandon on 5/30. He said he would credit me for the overcharging since February.

He said correct discounts were never entered in Feb and those discounts aren't available now so he put in new discounts but it would have to go through the "back office". Now here comes my biggest issue. I have had for years a PERMANENT $10 internet discount that MANY ATT customer sevice reps that I have spoken to over the years say that no matter what discounts I am offered, NEVER let them remove that one because it NEVER GOES AWAY OR EXPIRES. So every time someone mentions internet promotion, I stress several times in the conversation DO NOT REMOVE PERMANENT $10 DISCOUNT!!

So what does Brandon or the "back office" do? $10 permanent discount is taken off my account and replaced with two $5 that expire in 3 months. So every month they are still over charging and every month I call them and every month they promise to resolve all the issues and every month no one seems to be able to to put my $10 permanent discount back on or give me the correct billing charges. I have spent hours on the phone with them, talking, holding, & being transfered to someone else up the chain of supposed authority.

My call records are the following: 2/11/12 Christine, 5/30/12 Brandon (he was sending info to "back office" who was suppose to contact me with 48-72 hrs, but never did), 6/18/12 Jan (she transferred me to Cindy in the Texas office), 6/19/12 Mandy, 7/30/12 Rosa (she transferred me to her supervisor, Ava, who said she was personally, at that very moment, putting the permanent $10 discount back on my account and removing the two $5 that expire and that someone one in that "back office" would call me within 48-72 hrs, again a call that never came), 8/13/12 Fredrick (who by the way, was the most refreshingly honest of them all because he bluntly said the all the others who had told me that they were going to add back my PERMANENT discount of were LYING to me (those were his words because I asked him to repeat it). He said it didn't matter if it was ATT's fault that it was removed, I was not going to get it back. And finally Fredrick transferred me to Sara with the Missouri customer service. And so today I check my email and my bill is not $89 or $99 or$109, but $111.

So my next to last call to them will be today. I will cancel my Uverse TV today, and as soon as I can arrange for internet service with another company i will make my final call to them. No more customer service reps, or transfers or supervisors or call backs from what I now believe is a fictional place (if not a code word for the waste basket), that never-calls-you-back "back office".

For over 4 years I enjoyed their service, so I find it a real shame that they now promise to much that they never intend to offer. You can't say I didn't give them time to correct their mistakes.

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Sorry TammyH@att.com, but I have cancelled my service with ATT. Fool me once with your promises, shame on you. Fool me during the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, & 9th converstion, shame on me!


Hi Patience1020, I would like to assist you in getting your billing issues resolved. Please email me your account and contact information to ATTTammyH@att.com my hours are 8a-5p PST M-F,include your name in the subject line.


TammyH-AT&T Social Media Manager


I'm having the same problem, overcharged every month, after hours on the phone a promise that it will NOW be fixed, then another overcharge the next month! I now realize it's a pattern.

Varying computer speed has also been an issue. I think this rates an investigation - fraud, theft, _____ fill in the blank.

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