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My wife talked to a Steve just after looking at there deals on their website some kind of BOGO deal. We were suppose to get one of the phones for free according to Steve.

After paying 900 for the first one now we have to pay 750 for the other, something about not "qualifying" now for the "BOGO"us deal. Yeah they will give you the excuse that you didn't qualify after they send you the phones and have to talk to 500 people about your outrageous bill.

At&t wireless are just a bunch of LIERS. There is a special place for people like them and they don't serve ice tea there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Wireless Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I am having a huge issue . They sent me a phone I could not activate .

So new phone sent out . I returned the phone , received April 19 yet still charged me for not returning . All we have gotten is out sourced call centers and run around . They lie I mean bold face lie .

Told me would be fixed This past Friday then not fixed then today by five still a grand in my bill . I have the email they sent too that my phone received . People need to be fired how bad this has been . I say do not use att .

When a problem happens they refuse to fix it even with proof . They just lie and lie . It is crazy . Seems we all may need to hit our local newspapers and fcc because they refuse to help .

Now the issue is we could loose service due to their error .

My kid is out applying for positions and now due to incompetence I have to worry over this . They are parrots nothing more