Denton, Texas

just got off the phone with AT&T's retention department. Boy, were they ever not interested in retaining my business - rudest person ever.

Tried to tell me that in spite of the several pages of disclosures explaining how enhanced 911 service works for vonage that I will NOT have access to 911 if I switch to them. So now instead of retaining me as an internet customer, they are going to lose that business as well. Would cost me $200 to change my account from a multi-line phone & dsl service to a stand alone dsl service, because a technician has to come on site to do that.

So will now check in to see what the other cable modem companies or phone services will charge me to install new service. With any luck - free!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

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Most ISP's will send you a box with instructions if you ask, including ATT. If your home needs additional wiring, they'll probably charge you a technicians' fee for that.


How long does it take to get a reply


jerry cel 216 407 8766


Had a problem internet service.Would like to talk to someone. do you have an 800 number i can call.

Don't have all afternoon to type out my problem. please call or give me an 800 number

call Jerry cel 216 407 8766


I use Vonage and am very happy with the quality of connection and luckily I have not had the opportunity to have to call 911 to see if I have it. I do have to pay extra(over the advertised monthly price) for the 911 no exceptions. I have friends in Mexico who use Vonage and will never use the US 911 service but they still have to pay. It's less than $2.

Hope you like it too.

Just to make sure everyone knows:

VOIP requires power and internet connection.

ATT, with a plain old phone, no electrical cord, just phone line, does NOT need power (from your house.)The phones with answering machines and memory phonebooks won't work in a power outage. Only reason I keep AT&T.

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