Mobile, Alabama
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ATT U-Verse Internet service has left me with the impression that it is nothing more than glorified DSL. Claiming to have spent millions to upgrade their service for their customers, the service still functions at times like DSL.

For example, when working online, sometimes my Internet service must be running 24/7. After only one day the service begins to get 'sluggish' in the sense that latency or slow speed reaction time sets in. This is not what ATT promised when promoting this service to me for an upgrade from DSL. So long as the computer is rebooted periodically it is ok; however, there should not be the need to do this if the service is everything that is promised.

Additionally, the customer service is very poor, often requiring multiple transfers to other representatives who also do not know what to do to resolve the issue.

Suffice it to say that when the Internet first became something that the public was offered, so many ISPs were available and competition kept the service quality high. Now there appears to be a very limited number of providers such as ATT, Comcast, etc., that apparently what we now have is what can be called a limited network monopoly whose only interest is capturing the most market share.

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I AGREE AND HAVE COMPLANED FOR YEARS AND FROM TIME TO TIME THEY OFFER AND $20 credit and will spend hrs on the phone with a non English speaking person that know nothing but how to waste time. so where do we go?

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