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FRUSTRATED BEYOND BELIEF...On 5/13/15 I went in to the Plano Pkwy AT&T store to upgrade two phones on my plan. The rep who helped us, Nashwa Khan, was extremely helpful that day getting us a good discount on our plan and upgrading our phones.

We were very happy with her customer service. She also convinced us to add two tablets to the account on the premise that we could try them risk-free for 30 days. She said if we didn't like them we could return them and get full credit including waiving the activation fees on the tablets. As it turned out, we did not like the tablets and returned them on 5/21/15.

Nashwa was not on duty so Juan V processed the return of the two tablets. We asked that he credit the activation fees and he told us it would not show up for 2-3 business days on the account. Three weeks later, the activation fees have still not been credited to the account. So, I did the usual, call AT&T, go through a rep who says he can't help me, I then request to have the call escalated.

After holding on the phone for another 15 minutes, he disconnects my call. I call back a second time, get a different rep and go through the same ordeal with her and ask to have my call escalated. After wasting over an hour total, I finally get Tanya Joe who tries to be helpful and tells me she will call the AT&T store to handle it for me and call me back. She did follow through and spoke to a manager, Steve, at the store who told her that he knew his employees and that they would never tell a customer the activation fees would be waived and he refused to do so.

So, basically, AT&T works on the premise that the reps can say anything they want to the customers to gain a sale, but when it comes time to make good on what they say, AT&T simply says, "We can't help you." Well, Steve, I refuse to pay the activation fees on the two devices that I didn't request in the first place. The balance will remain on my account for eternity.

In the meantime, I will be looking for another cell phone provider. Way to go with a customer who has done business with you for years!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Cell Phone Upgrade.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I am currently experiencing similar issues with AT&T, and am preparing to draft a complaint letter to the company CEO. I would agree that this lack of accountability is completely unacceptable.

I'm wondering, is there an update to your story? Did AT&T ever make good on their promise?

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