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by Rilyn

Hello! My name is Mallory and I am just sending this email to say I absolutely love this company!

I have ever received an item that was not absolutely perfect! I was wondering if you have any stickers or any other promotional items that you would be able to send me? I would love to put them on all my items and promote your company! Thank you for doing everything you do, it really means a lot to me.

My address is: Mallory Sherman 1342 Windermere Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15218 Thank you! :) Have a great day!

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by Javares

My chase card was billed for $27.75. Vesta att. What is this for!

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phone charges

by Jasir

I have been having issues since last oct year ago bill chgs iv talked to so many I have been with your comp before was att. hd great service till past year.

I discuss they make adj I appreciate and next bill here we go again about 3 mo ago lady made adj and said would give me time to look elsewhere I thought well guess my business isn't good enough but waited next mo talked to gentleman went over bill said would be $113.50 on going if I MADE NO CHARGES HE SAID HE WOULD TAKE PAYMENT and waive 5 dollar fee said would send me email for payment and continuous chg of above also would change billing date to 17th which I had been told there 2or 3 times previos I ask if documented told yes then week later emil bill past due so I call about thanksgiving no record I never got emails so told her id check bank hadnt gone thru call back pay same old story repeat repeat I am a senior on limited income alone and on a budget so now sent to another loyalty person said after awhile chg of 113.50 was recorded but not as continuous asked if pay date changed yes so I thought all ok then next bill comes up again I call guy goes thru same things now it will be 125 a month if nothing changed or added then I get connected to lady who said she was going to request conversations since wasn't documented saw parts of and would get back in touch never got a reply next bill comes same old repeated story and she gives me an address in Georgia to file for complaint so I paid partial of 125 and bill was saying 149. if records were there for past years you would know I have been going thru heck and not had word kept tell me 113.50 and so I was in budget. I am trying to stay with you but this is ridiculous I am a senior on low income but I work in customer service and I would be honest with mine and I expect same .

I was told yr ago when wanted me to get free tablet I did and already had one was not told of data chgs and I lost my promos but wasn't informed about 5 mo later continuous calls every mo one of loyalty guys got that odff and tablet seems just had meeting and several unhappy customers also was told my land line would be 9.98 mo for next 2 yrs since lost promos well it went up to 30 and then they give me 10 credit but that isn't 9.98 I am trying to stay with att I am honest and if you can pull reports of conversations like girl sais was requesting you will see I was telling same story to everyone and they promise and bill comes back different all of my children and grandchildren are with you one had some complaints but resolved and my son has 3 o4 u and tablet etc he has fussed with and got his issues resolved he said im too nice but whats the sense of being rude business is business so now I am asking you if you can check this and get my monthly bill due on 17th as I get my little ss on 15th or second wed that way I wont be late and back to the 113.50 that I was quoted and so I don't have to call every mo and go thru this if not and my business is not high enough after over 50 yrs I would appreciate reply I purchased a next cell its paid it don't work half time but I cant afford more charges so have tried to deal with it I want my bill price as was quoted to stay the same mo and pay date on 17th I have cell landline desktop and help desk I have to do a spread sheet for work at end of mo== I check on line banking and I message and text on cell and facebook occ I don't play games not on comp very much I don't know a lot of that up stuff old school I prefer to talk but kids e and younger all about text . well I guess I wait and see if I get a response positive from you or if I get another run a round I hope not thanks for your understanding if you can get conversations you will truly understand how many hours and repeated calls I have mad over a year and the promises I have been given and then u might aslo wonder how many others went thru this as long as I have so they change im not wanting change I want what I was told thank you for your time I am sure you get many complaints thanks you kindly wishing you and yours a happy holiday and if you cant get records of conversations they shouldnt repeatedly say recording...season and merry christmas waiting on a reply thx.

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