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I am ready please let me know how I can join you. Every month i go thru same thing they adjust it to what it was supposed to be & next month same thing.

Endless cycle. Im on hold for a long time. I speak to a rep long frustrated conversation They adjust & until next bill!!!!This time a supervisor adjusted my bill to what it should be without the promotions that I was offered & than cut off my channels immediately.

He was very uncaring & didnt help me a bit other than adjusting the amount to what it would be without promotions. READY READY READY TO SUE..I WILL JOIN YOU

This reviewer shared experience about "bill always wrong. spend over an hour on the phone" and wants this business to "class action lawsuit mental anguish, risk of heart attack due to causing blood pressure spiraling". This person is overall dissatisfied with ATT. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I have been scammed too. ATT is very misleading and basically you are tricked into paying for devices that you no longer by then calling it credits.

I too have a $1200 bill with T-Mobile after being a customer with them for over 10years. I only bundled my services thinking I was gonna to save money in the long run.


I want a class action suit against At&t for promising that when the new Note came out I could trade my S7 Edge for it no matter how far I was in the Next program. I traded in a meticulously taken care of Note 4 that was paid for, for the Note 7.

Now here we are the Note 8 is coming out and they won't allow me to trade this Edge 7 in because I haven't paid it down far enough. That wasn't what I was told when I wanted my Note 4 back. I was told not to worry about it, that I would be able to swap this Edge out for the new Note when it came out.


I have to pay the Edge off first they say to the tune of $500. Not right! They lied to me and to others too!!

I hate this phone!

I'm sick to death of huge corporations who make millions and don't take care of their long standing customers!


Houston, Texas, United States #1283409

I am ready to sue also I've had multiple problems with AT&T U-verse wirh billing, false promises and contract dates

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1231075

same story for me plus more since February 2014.

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