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I was promised a $200 rebate when I signed up. I called for my rebate and they said I was only eligible for $150 because the rest was given to me through service.

I called when I received my $150 to activate but I got that recording that just goes round and round. After calling customer service I got transferred 5 times, then someone said they activated my cards (I can't check because it says my pin is invalid--- even though I gave that pin to customer service and they said it was good.)

That made me so mad I called back and insisted I get my last $50! They told me no, so I spoke to a supervisor, I told her I was staying on the phone till I got my $50.. finally a lady in the rebate center is sending me another $50 rebate but the first guys wanted the name of the salesman who allegedly promised me $200 in rebates.

I told him if I thought I needed to write his name down you should have warned me, "Look, we're gonna try to rip you off in a few months, so go ahead and write my name down." They didn't like that... anyway - supposed my last $50 is on the way.. now I have a problem with the phone, it went out all over the house except for the room they installed it in where our Comcast had been, totally inaccessible to the rest of the house.

Now we have to to walk over there everynight to charge one cordless phone. If the service wasn't better than Comcast, I'd go back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Reward Card.

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I received a dine out rewards card for $15. I can't get through the line to discuss changing the name on the debit card.

My mother's name was the main name on the account. My name is also on the account for I took care of her and was her power of attorney. She is dead now (died 12/31/2011) and this was discussed with AT&T. I continue to pay the bill and wanted the phone left in her name for sentimental reasons (people are used to seeing her name come up on the caller ID).

The rebate card if validated, the customer must to continue to use the service for 30 days (AT&T u-verse) Why validate it if it can't be used.

Can it be re-issued. The rewards line stays busy.


Do not an account with them, I also lost 100.00 with them!!!


Customer Service???. I'm now trying to get the rebate.

Says use your phone# won't work, use acct# to many numbers won't work. Any help from anybody on what or how to get it? It took almost a month to get set up. Can't ever get a person hold forever and get transfered hold forever again then back to square one.

Had comcast before, with no problems just thought I'd save some money...Ha ha.

first bill$187.00 Savings??? Help :cry :cry :(


I believe that AT&T is confused as to what providing quality customer service means. They promised me a $100.00 rebate for the purchase of a modem in the beginning, and now are telling me that I can only receive $75.00, which I have still yet to receive even though a month has went by.

They also owe my daughter $150.00 rebate that she was promised 3 months ago! I do not know if anyone from the AT&T organization even reads these type of complaint blogs(which I doubt), but I expected more from a major corporation. It is really sad when your business reputation is on the line and you are doing nothing to correct the problems that keep repeating themselves. I have only been with the company for 4 months, but I will not be extendeding services nor recommending any new customers in the future.

Love another disappointed customer!!!! :(

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