Newark, New Jersey
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Att wirless has the worst and most expenesive service going. There service is 80.00 a month for 900 minutes. You can get the same plan for half the price anywhere else. Their customer service is not very helpful.

I had a huge problem today. Sent a money order over a week ago. I had asked them if they could extend my due date and they said ok. Payment for money order had not posted. So i said can you give me till the 25th the payment hopefully will clear by than and i get paid that day. I talked to somebody in receivable management and he refused. He was just being very sarcastic and nasty. It was the receivable management supervisor. His name was Chris. He basically was telling me i was wasting his time and refused to help me out. I have been a member of Att for 3 years and paid every month and never asked for anything. One month i ask for help and they refuse. Its basically saying tough luck your service will be suspended.

Ill tell u right now i am going somewhere else. I Hope att loses all business they are horrible

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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hahahaha im from receivables managements and if they refuse is because you payment history sucks hahahahahaha and that plan doesnt even exist cust never listen or they are so ***

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