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I am a long time AT&T customer but I have had a horrible experience. In late October I was told by an AT&T representative that if I switched my cell phone from T Mobile I would get a $650 gift card the end of Nov.

When the time came and went I called and told it would arrive in December. In fact, I have a voice mail from a rep apologizing saying it was in the mail. I called Jan 10th and was told it was not a $650 gift card but up to $650 to pay off my T-Mobile bill. I called T Mobile and was told that I would get the final bill in February and it would be $254.

I called today and after being on hold off and on for an hour, transferred 3 times, given a phone number where you cannot get a live person or get through, going back to the previous number I am now told that the 60 day period has expired for me to get any credit on the $650 for my T-Mobile phone equipment but they will give me a $22. credit for 33 months (the length of my contract) So here I am - realizing that when I get the final bill from T-Mobile I will be hard pressed to pay it. And, to add insult to injury, my monthly AT&T Mobile phone bill is higher than the bill I was paying with T-Mobile.

I am absolutely stunned and horrified by the bait and switch tactics and lack of integrity of AT&T. I am an author and a writer but I am also a senior citizen and feel like I have been exploited.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Gift Card.

Reason of review: Other issue.

Monetary Loss: $254.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I don't know how AT&T gets by with their false advertisement. I too joined AT&T in November.

AT&T combined my account with someone with similar name and took $406.00 from my bank account to pay someone else's account. After 3 months this still hasn't been taken care of. AT&T is more crooked than any business I have ever seen. I took AT&T to court two years ago and vowed I would never go back to them, but did.

They withheld money from my account for 6 years, and then wasn't going to return it when I proved I didn't have that phone they were billing me for.

When I filed the complaint, they were happy to give my money back. They are crooks, and they are getting by with it.