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I have a metro line with DSL service through SBC/AT&T and have for a couple of years been reasonably satisfied. I have had one repair issue with the line and the tech had come right out and resolved the issue quickly. That is when the service number reached a live person with English as a first language.

When I noted a line issue again with an interruption in internet functionality, I began the process of seeking help. This time we had problems with loud hums on outgoing calls and the phone ringing only once when someone called in. A caller to our number is greeted with but a single ring tone amidst loud static and then the call drops.

I tried several times to get tech support for the internet issues and line problems. In three attempts I had a total wait time of over 1hr 20mins. The first time, after navigating a tedious and error prone phone tree (voice recognition) I was on hold over 30mins and then disconnected.

The next time, after entering phone number and going through the voice tree, I had another long wait and reached the outsourced (Indian) tech support person. He entered the number again, pulled the record and asked what the problem was. Once I told him he said I had reached the wrong department (Support Number Provided by Company) and transferred me at which time I was disconnected.

The third time I called the alleged correct number that placed me in a phone tree offering only billing options. This menu offered no alternatives or escape options and promptly hung up (saying our office is closed) when I tried to enter "0" .

I went online to submit a repair request with agent chat and it took quite a while to connect. Once on with "Andi" we went through the explanation again. He then said that this was the wrong department (Again directed there by the web site) and he supposedly called the right people who were to follow-up. No call as of 2 Days later.

I tried the online repair request option and after several "processing error(s)" finally opted for an email submission. I have had two responses in 8 hours. One form letter acknowledging the receipt and the other saying they identified line trouble and the repair tech would be out prior to 5:00 p.m. local time today (22AUG2008).

The support area of the web site is fraught with configuration problems and erroneous information. The support numbers lead to difficult and error prone menus only to wait indefinitely for a scripted outsourced "support center" that is useless. The only viable source for a response seems to be an anonymous email exchange.

As soon as I find a viable alternative, they're fired.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Email Service.

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I feel your pain, or at least my father does.

My email to them on 10/22/08:

The technical support customer service for DSL subscribers is confusing and inefficient and their employees are poorly trained.

My father called for help with his DSL service this morning, 10/22/08, and was transferred (no joke) to SIX different phone numbers, some of them twice, and nobody could help him.

Here are the numbers he was given during his more than two hours on the phone:

800-288-2020 (was referred to this twice)




866-596-8455 (was referred to this twice)


They seriously need to do an audit of your Customer Service department/s and streamline your technical support process. This is pathetic. My father will soon be canceling his service and subscribing to Time Warner cable internet.

Their response to me on 10/23/08:

We are unable to respond to your email message regarding DSL Services.

For assistance or information regarding your AT&T DSL bill or telephone service, please call our Customer Care Center at 1-866-596-8455.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for using AT&T services.

So their response to my complaint is to refer me back to one of the six useless numbers. Wow, they are friggin geniuses!

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