In early July, myself June and significant other, Kirk decided that he was paying way to much for his mobile phone and we wanted our phones to be under one account. We were going to switch to Verizon, however, we received an offer in the mail from AT&T stating: you can get DirectTV, AT&T Internet and AT&T phone with a 2 year contact for $74.99/month.

This sounded like something we should at least call in about before switching, after all, Kirk has been with AT&T for multiple years, so on July 8th 2017, we called in and spoke with a gal I believe named Lori. We spent well over 2 hours on the phone with her where we talked about wanting to switch to Verizon, better rates, Kirk was paying way to much for his phone. She reviewed both of our accounts and started to make us an offer which was, because I June was a pretty new AT&T customer she could work things out to get us all the best deals and lowest rates. We were listening.

We expressed that we wanted to merge our mobile phones together as well, to which she said, no problem. We told Lori (again I am not 100% this was her name) about the offer we received in the mail, DirevtTV + Internet + Phone for $74.99 and that I realize the “phone” portion of that was a landline, we did not want or need a landline, we needed better rates on our mobile phones. We told her we already had Xfinitiy and loved them but were paying a high rate on that too. Lori broke down what she could do for us, it went something like this: we could get our Mobile phones (unlimited text, talk & data) DirecTV (HBO, Red Zone and NFL Ticket for the life of the 2 yr contract and 3 month for Cinemax and Starz for 3 months free plus 3 devices and a satellite no additional fees or install fee) and Internet for $79.99/month.

We could not believe what we were hearing and even said, no way this sounds to good to be true, at one point in her sales pitch, she pulled on her “supervisor” to assure is what we were hearing was the case and to “close the deal”. Lori also noticed that Kirk was due for an upgrade on his account, she asked him what phone he wanted, he told her the 7 and then I paid $53.62 over the phone right then for, per Lori, the tax on the upgrade. Kirk received the phone in the mail a few days later. We also schedule a date for DirectTV to come out and install the 3 devices that she included in her “to good to be true” deal.

A few days later, possibly that following Saturday, DirectTV came out and installed everything. Lori emailed Kirk an authorization of transfer form and said he needed to fill this out and email back to her so that she could then merge the accounts, and he did right then. She told us that we would have to pay our existing rates on our cell phones until the end of that billing cycle then our new rate plus internet and directtv would all be bundled together on 1 single bill which I could pay through my AT&T app which we setup under a new email address, Lori said that the first two bills we will see it being around $125 with ancillary fees and then it will balance out to the agreed amount: $79.99/ month to include  (2) mobile phones – unlimited text, talk & data  DirectTV – 3 in house devices at no additional cost, free HBO, NFL Ticket and Red Zone for the life of the 2 yr contract  Internet All along the way Kirk and I expressing that this just seems to good to be true and repeating what she was tell us. I said to her several times, this offer that came in the mail is including a landline and we do not need a landline to which she repeated to us several times, because I, June was a fairly new AT&T customer, she could get us all these little deals that add up to this amazing offer.

So of course we said yes. We get off the phone and blasted this on social media and told family, friends and co-workers what an amazing deal we got with AT&T and EVERYONE should be with them. NO LIE, we were walking billboards for AT&T. Approximately 3 months later, October 2nd I believe, Kirk called me to tell me that AT&T had shut his phone off and he had to pay over $300 to get them to turn it back on.

I was beside myself and told him, surely this was a mistake, I would call when I got home. I call that evening and after being transferred 4 times to different departments and “disconnected” once, I finally talked to someone who informed me that not only were Kirk and I mobile accounts not merged but either I was lying or the gal I spoke to 3 months prior was lying because that $79.99 offer we thought we were sold, DOES NOT EXIST! I was floored, I told him there must be some serious mistake we talked to the gal for almost 3 hours how could this be. I thought, wow, this guy truly feels for us because he created a Case ID# J91805372 and he reversed (credited back) the charge of $300ish that Kirk paid earlier in order to get his phone turned back on.

This AT&T rep told me to call the number on the offer letter in the morning and see if they can tell what happened but in the meantime someone from AT&T would review my case and call me within 48-72 hours. (FYI – That never happened) That night I spent 2 hours on the phone and got off the line thinking, well I received terrible customer service at the beginning but I think this guy took good notes and is really trying to help us. To my dismay, that wasn’t the case at all and I have literally spent the last 7 weeks now trying to get someone from AT&T to help us. I literally stopped tracking how many hours I have spent on the phone with AT&T after I hit 55 hours…….

FIFTY FIVE HOURS, this is night after night of me missing dinner time, bath time, story time and putting my 18 month old only child to bed and hours while I was in my car on my way to appointments, in my office at work, time from my life that I will NEVER get back. All that time was spent repeating this story over and over and over again EVERYTIME I called in and on most days I called, I was hung up on, left on hold for hours on end, transferred over and over again, called a liar, told that I should just leave AT&T (this was said multiple times) ALLLLL this time with still to this day ZERO resolve. Not a soul at AT&T will help me. Not a soul at AT&T has done a thing they said they would do.

I have begged, cried, screamed, pleaded from day one (October 2nd 2017) that if AT&T would just pull the phone conversation we had with “Lori” back on July 8th you all would see we are not liars and not nuts that this conversation and that offer all happened. On October 12th 2017 Kirk emailed me and said, AT&T shut my phone off again. He said he called in to talk to someone about the situation, that we wanted to work this out with someone before paying his bill because we understood that his account was merged with mine and we were paying it monthly. Kirk said he was hung up on 2 times and then transferred to another department in the middle of talking, he was in mid sentence and no heads up, the rep just transferred him.

Kirk was furious, his email to me said, enough is enough, I want out of this contract with AT&T and want to drag them through the mud if possible, this is ridiculous. After receiving Kirk’s email, that same day October 12th 2017 I called in to the retention center at the advice of several industry contacts I was speaking with at an event. Because at this point, I have been telling anyone who will listen to NEVER EVER go with AT&T, EVER! One client of mine said, call the retention center, surely they will help you.

So I did, I called 800-331-0500 and spoke to a guy named Nick. I told Nick the entire story from beginning to end and all the horror stories I have experienced with AT&T reps along the way, and that Kirk’s phone was shut off again. Nick restored Kirk’s phone and said he put noted on Kirks account that this was being disputed and to reference my account. I felt Nick wanted to help.

Nick looked over everything and informed me that oddly Kirk’s account didn’t show any record of AT&T sending him an upgrade back in July or any time for that matter and that the phone was under my account. I thought this was strange how could that be?? After talking with Nick for about an hour, which it needs to be said that Nick was and still is the first person since this all started that told me, we definitely do not want to lose your business so let me see what I can do to fix this. I told him at this point Kirk and I just want out, we have been wronged from go and want nothing to do with AT&T.

I told Nick that I get this plan she sold us doesn’t exist, however, no one has even tried to honor that plan for the times we thought to be under it and help me find a real plan going forward that Kirk and I are happy with. That at the very least what AT&T should do at this point is honor the $79.99 plan we thought we were on in August and September and we will make sure that we are paid in full for that amount. Nick agreed and said that he would credit Kirk’s account for the $453.13 balance showing due, turn Kirk’s phone back on (which he did) and offered this solution for a plan: DirectTV $40.00 Internet $30.00 Mobile unlimited text, talk & data $85.00 2nd line on account (i.e. Kirk’s line) $20.00 Pay off for Kirk’s phone $20.00 Total before tax $195.00/month Nick gave me his email address nw744f@att.com and said to go over this plan with Kirk and if he feels this is a price we can be happy with and are willing to stay with AT&T, to email him and he would make it all happen.

That plan, merging our phone accounts, oh and he told me they never had my direct tv and internet bill merged with my phone line either…..but he would fix it. I was so happy I was in tears, we finally 2 weeks later have resolve! I talked to Kirk and said, even though they have shut off your phone twice and we have been through AT&T account rep *** and back, this guy Nick is finally going to fix all of it and we can carry on. So I emailed Nick shortly after we got off the phone, 10/12/2017 4:54pm and said: From: June Sent: Thursday, October 12, 2017 4:54 PM To: nw744f@att.com Subject: June Hello Nick, Kirk and I will stay with AT&T on the condition that we can get this new plan in writing and promised there are no hidden fees.

That his account is merged with mine and that all charges can be paid via my at&t app. We would like confirmation that Cinemax and Showtime have been taken off our direct tv plan as we tried to do at the 3 month mark. I am at a networking event this evening, can you call me tomorrow after 11:00 am? Respectfully, June A few days passed and I had not received a response from Nick so I sent another email: From: June Sent: Monday, October 16, 2017 9:15 AM To: nw744f@att.com Subject: Fwd: June Good morning Nick, Any chance we could talk today regarding this matter?

I am in a meeting until 10:30 this morning and free after that. You can call my cell or my office number in my signature below. Respectfully, June A few more days passed and still nothing so I sent another: From: June Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2017 10:17 AM To: 'nw744f@att.com' Subject: FW: June Nick, I am unsure why you have yet to respond to my emails nor called me. You assured me on the phone last Thursday, October 12th that you would do everything you could to help rectify the issues we have been having with our AT&T service and still, I’ve heard nothing.

I am beyond disappointed and have ZERO faith that this will get resolved. I am in pure disbelief that a company as established and seemly customer service driven as AT&T, has such disregard for myself and this situation. That it seems to be a way of inner company policy to continuously hang up on, transfer without notice and sell out right FALSE plans to new and existing customers. I fully expect you or someone who can resolve this once and for all to call me AND to reply to this email that it has been received and when I can expect that call.

I will not pay AT&T a dime until this issue is discussed and resolved. I would rather hire an attorney and drag this on than pay one cent over what was agreed upon 3+ months back when we stupidly “bought” this plan that doesn’t exist. Of all the 40+ “customer service” reps I’ve spoken with and hours I have spent on the phone with these completely untrained and uncapable people, NOT a one has resolved this issue for me. I completely believed last week when I spoke to you that you were finally the one that was going to help me.

Yet again, I have been duped. I have missed copious amounts of time with my family in the evening hours while I sit on the phone with AT&T reps, dinner time, bath time, story time, bed time……time that I will not get back and that were all in VAIN! I work a full time job and the evenings are very important for my family and I. Again, I NEED someone to answer me now.

Sincerely, June And still, nothing. I called in between the 2nd and 3rd email, I believe on the 17th and that conversation was like so many others, no one can or willing to help me and when I told Jessica Darling ID# V4PBXS3 this story with Nick, she told me he’s probably not responding to me because the plan he mentioned he could do for me was a lie too. Clearly anyone reading this can see a pattern here and I am so over it. I called in last week and talked to a gal named Crystal, a supervisor, she told me she was sending in a request for the original conversation with Lori to be pulled and it would take 48-72 hours for someone to get back to me regarding it.

Crystal was also stating she would notate Kirk’s account as well because in all these conversations I have had along the way, no one had done so. Crystal told me she needed Kirk’s SSN# which I did not have on me as I was in my car driving to the office. Crystal said to call him and merge the calls in, I asked her to promise me if for any reason we got disconnected while I was trying to get Kirk on the line if you promised to call me back, she promised, I believed her. I switched over to call Kirk office because AT&T has turned off his phone and suspended his account, went I hit merge the call, Crystal was gone and NEVER called me back.

To the point of Kirk’s phone being shut off, around October 30th-31st AT&T shut his phone off again and said they would not turn it back on until he paid a now $650 plus bill. The reason his bill hasn’t been paid is A) from the months August until October 2nd we both thought his phone was being paid under my account B) We are actively trying to dispute this and get someone anyone from AT&T to help us break it all down before we pay anything because we feel wronged, completely wronged. At this point we are exhausted, untrusting of AT&T and just want this to be over and done with. I do not want to tell this story to another AT&T rep that cannot do a thing to help me.

We have a baby and Kirk being without a phone puts us in such a terrible situation, communicating daily and in case of an emergency, he cannot contact me. This isn’t a matter of us not wanting to pay our bill, you can look at Kirk’s history as an AT&T customer, he’s never missed a payment until this all happened. We want someone who can do something about this to talk to us, someone pick up the phone and call us. In all this time this has been going on, no one from AT&T has called myself or Kirk to discuss this issue.

No one has called in response to the case we created back in early October, no one has called regarding the pulling of the original call back in July like we were told they would. The only time anyone from AT&T has call either of us was one rep who called me back after we were disconnected, that is it. In 7 plus weeks, hours on hours, my rollercoaster of emotions with each rep…….where do we go? What do we do?

AT&T has all the power, Kirk’s credit can be majorly blemished. We have zero power here, we were sold a plan that does not exist, our accounts were never merged as promised and we are without one phone line. We have learned along the way that the only thing Lori did that day back in July was renew Kirk’s existing plan that he was unhappy with, change my plan to where I was paying more now for my cell service than before and get us setup with directtv and internet, but never merge that to my account either. I am out of options, I have no magic number to call that will get me to someone who can help us.

We have never received such disgusting treatment from people who call themselves customer service representatives. A few Sunday’s ago we stopped into an AT&T store to see if anyone in there could help us, we told the lady the entire story and she said wow, sounds like you guys talked to a sales rep that twisted her wording to make it seem like you were getting a good deal. She said, straight out of her mouth and AT&T sales people are INFAMOUS for this. They will rearrange words to make it sounds like you are getting this or that and it’s almost encouraged within the company culture.

????????SAY WHAT?????? We were floored, I could not believe what we were hearing from an AT&T employee, she said this stuff happens ALL THE TIME?!?!?!? We want this resolved, we want to move on from this horrific experience.

We want someone to discuss this with us, honor the “non-existent” plan, work out a new plan with us going forward, and offer us some type of compensation towards our bill to make up for the time we have spent begging AT&T to help us, the terrible service we have received at almost every turn and to make it right. Just make it right, it’s the least AT&T can do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Cell Phone Upgrade.

Reason of review: ALL OF THE ABOVE AT THIS POINT .

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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