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I opened my front door to go and get the mail and there was a man standing at the door. He startled me as he had not rang the doorbell.

He said he was there to let me know that they had just put fiberoptic line through the area. I said ok and asked him when they had did this and he said earlier that day. I had been home all day and saw no activity go by from AT and T nor anyone digging to put in any lines. He said that they had put a hole up the road and put it though my yard about five feet down.

I was doubtful and said it would not effect me because I did not have any AT and T services. He questioned me about what services I had for cable and phone. And that aha moment hit me, now knowing his story was to weasel his way to persuade me to change to AT and T. I had been an AT and T customer for over 25 years.

I am not amused at this point. I told him I wasn't interest in changing my services and he kept asking me why not. I tried to cut him off and started to walk away to get the mail. He became rude and persistant.

To the point that he almost scared me. Although I was bigger than the red headed weasel and could probably take him down. His last words to me were okay keep your *** comcast *** My story is to let you know what kind of embarrassing employees you are sending out to peoples houses randomly with no obvious training or manners. I am not sure if his fiberoptic line story was a creation of his own or not but it offended my intelligence.

I would hope that he would be reprimanded for his behavior to me. I have no idea his name, that was not provided by you on his shirt. He was a short red headed young man that was scamming Fort Pierce Lakewood Park area July 23. I am sure that it can be looked up, since there was workers in the area that day digging and putting in "fiberoptic lines".

I don't appreciate the lies and rudeness of your employee. Please contact me about this incident.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Customer Care.

Reason of review: Employee manners.

Preferred solution: Find the young man who came to my door and was so rude and aggressive toward me and reprimand him for his actions..

I didn't like: Being frightened by your employee.

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Well, you know, sometimes criminals will pretend to be service workers so that they can go onto a property to case it out. You should have asked to see his identification to prove that he worked for AT&T.

But, if he didn't, and was just there to case the place, he might have been provoked into committing a robbery if he had known that he had been found out. Just because someone comes onto your property dressed as a service worker, doesn't necessarily mean that they really work for them.

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