Cocoa, Florida
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I am sick and tired of ATT increasing my bill without any changes to my services. I had a receiver, belonging to them (ATT) that had recently malfunctioned and they boosted my bill by $20 because of that.

They will use any *** they can come up with to deceptively raise your bill. I discontinued auto pay via my credit card because I flat out do not trust them.

I have to call them EVERY FRICKEN MONTH due to this ***. I am presently deciding which alternative i will use before I tell the to F%#@ Off

GB Florida

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I spent over $1,400 on two phones and signed up with AT&T two and a half years ago since then my wife and I nearly went broke paying or $169 a month phone bill the service was horrible we had numerous dropped calls numerous problems with AT&T and they were always very rude and discontented on the phone when I called them finally I switch to MetroPCS got two phones for free and an $85 a month phone bill which was a true blessing this after being told by a gentleman that works for AT&T named John that we no longer owe them any more money in our account was canceled and closed. It gets better folks, about 3 months later AT&T starts calling my phone demanding $120 additional after our account was canceled and closed and we were told we did not owe any more money now I have a collections agency calling my phone repeatedly with various different numbers every time I've been blocking them for about a month now finally I decided to call them and of course they were still demanding $120 everybody knows these people and these companies record phone calls what they are not aware of is that I record mine too I also recorded my phone call with John when he told me we did not owe them any more money I told this to the lady on the phone and I told her if they continue to harass me I will take them to court and sue them for the entire amount of 2 years of phone bills with lousy service and for the hundred and $20 they're trying to bill me for now which I do not owe.

AT&T is one of the greediest most vicious companies out there if they can't get their money from you they'll make it up and pretend you owe them money anyway. Word of caution do not sign on with AT&T they are probably the worst phone carrier on the planet Earth as we know it today horrible people horrible customer service nothing but greed greed greed greed and more greed people like that should take a long walk off a short pier I wouldn't even look back

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