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For about several years I paid this way and for most of 2011 my daughter paid her portion out of her bank account. Several months ago, they started taking the payment out of her bank account, not mine. I called about 3 mo ago and requested it be so that she could pay from her acct. and I could also pay from my account-just like we had been doing. Very pleasant rep, no indications that was not possible. So, last month, they take the whole amount out of daughters acct and this was going to cause her to go in the negative.

Phone bill due again today, so I called to ask them to fix this again. Pleasant rep, checks with other departments while I hold then comes back with the news that this is not possible!!! Only one bank account can be listed. Ok, so put mine on. I read off the routing number and the account number. AT&T's system won't take my bank acct no!! Says it must be nine digits and mine is ten---same acct I have had and paid with for years at this point. I was advised there were two possibilities: go to bank and request an acct no one digit less; or go to an AT&T store. Now, I suppose if the bank would do that it would involve closing present acct and opening a different number one--which would mess up all my electronic drafts and direct deposits.

All I wanted to do was pay the *** phone bill with the same acct I have had for years! Anybody got any ideas? Was on the phone a little less than an hour, they put the monkey on my back and I DON"T WORK FOR AT&T!!!

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Hello . My name is Kevin and I'm with AT&T.

Sorry about all of the inconvenience that this has caused you. Please send me your account information to include the billing name, address, and account number to Please include details and a good contact number and time as well and I will try and assist you with this issue.

My hours of operation are 7am-4pm CST Monday- Friday. Thanks- Kevin AT&T Social Media Manager

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