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It didn't begin with the squirrels but ended with them because of human incompetence ! The last guy [at&t service worker] left door open on box .

I can see see the wires exposed from my window. My land line phone hooks into there. How do I know this? because I have had at&t to my home at least seven times in a four year period for static problems and dead phone.

The last guy who came here said the box is very old and needs to be replaced. He hooked me into another circuit in the box. It worked until now. During the summer I noticed another at&t guy up on the pole probably trying to fix another persons problem and he left the door open on box that was August 2013 it is now January 2014!!!

I placed the complaint Tuesday on their automated phone repair service the computer phone guy said they will have somebody out between then and Friday. It is now Thursday and still no repairman ...At&t is now holding me hostage. I can't go anywhere for long because the phone guy might call me on my cell phone with limited minutes and I have to be here to tell him once again about this ongoing problem!!! They charge me seventy dollars a month for this ***!!!

If and when this problem is resolved I am looking for a new phone carrier .

For a communication company there is sure lack of it...Ok I'm hanging up now . Oh yeah my ffnn phone isn't working!!!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Your too fixated on the terminal, sounds like the cable is the problem the tech changed your pair last time you said so yourself. If you get a new phone carrier better go with cable TV because you still gonna run through att's network. Good luck getting CATV VoIP for 70 a month though

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