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AT&T pressured and badgered me for over two years to get me to switch from DSL to UVerse. I finally agreed to do it, and regretted that decision, from the first bill. Hidden costs and inconveniences of having UVerse include: modem rental fee, $9 late fee (which is more than 10% of what I pay monthly), they suspend the service, if you are over 1 month late, then charge $35 to flip a switch to turn it back on, and UVerse can't be paid online, and... Read more

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I tried to order two more services with ATT, however, I received an email informing me that the services were set up incorrectly by an employee named Joshua. Then I found out that my credit was illegally pulled without authorization. I spoke with a manger who told me she would contact Joshua's manager and she would also follow back up with me that following Monday. Neither manager called me back. I called back and spoke with someone who said... Read more

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Hello, I have cancelled, returned all my devices, and done all they told me to do in order to receive my refund. after two months, November 3rd 2015, my issue was escalated with Pamela Andrews, President of AT&T Mobility. She had only refund portion of the total amount owed. She said, she had ordered all refund and that they are already credited. According to my bank statements she is "LYING" I have asked her for the Reference Number of the... Read more

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Yesterday I called ATT to drop long distance from my land line. I am retired and my wife and I both have cell phones. Our land line has recently been billing up to $153/mo. It took about 15 minutes to talk to a person. We have been paying $62/mo for long distance we don't use. Today I get an email (non-respondable) saying they have added priority ringing and about 10 other absolutely inane things at a monthly charge of $37.01 plus a 1 time $7.50... Read more

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Moved into a new development that was built over 1 year ago. AT$$T put in cabling to all homes but never connected it. So the only internet available was DSL thru them at 3mbs at 40 bucks per month. Had 50 mbs for the same price at another home via another company. Never have I once got 3mbs...ever. just did a speed test and got .4 mbs. Dial up is faster. And they want you to pay for a year contract with a large fee if you cancel early. Call... Read more

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  • May 26, 2015
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Horrible service I am canceling all my personal and business accounts

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I am 71 years old, retired after a 40 year career as an IT professional, and I live on a fixed income being Social Security. I was a new customer of AT&T as of January 19th, 2015. When ordering the service from their Marketing Department they told me the rate would be $104.00 per month. I have come to find out that no one can believe anything a person says if they work for this company. It’s what they do not tell you that cost the most.... Read more

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After ATT U-Verse installation, I lost alarm system to monitoring station. Therefore, My alarm is not connected as it was with Comcast. I have been without proper service since a 5hr, yes a 5hr installation since Friday, March 13th..!! I scheduled a follow up appt on Saturday, March 14th and yet the alarm was still not working! I want a solution ASAP as ATT and my alarm company, ADT, REFUSE to do anything about it. Additionally, prior to moving... Read more

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Validated my account with PIN prior to chat, then had to re-validate when I was transferred. As much as I want to like AT&T (and give up on Comcast), AT&T reps are useless and the entire company's system is setup to waste consumer's time. BTW, I was told I'll get a call from retention in 10 minutes... it has been 30 minutes and counting... no call yet. I'm sure whomever is calling me from AT&T is going to ask me to validate my... Read more

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I run a small business. I am relocating to a new location just few blocks from my current location. Two weeks in advance, I requested that my phone lines be transferred on a certain date. This was confirmed multiple times. So of course, my lines were "transferred" last night -- 4 days BEFORE it was supposed to happen, and now my business has no phone lines and I'm losing money by the minute. I have been calling AT&T for hours now (on my... Read more

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