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I'm extremely dissatisfied with att cable and Internet service. I pay TOP DOLLAR for service that hardly works, the cable is always freezing and the Internet is so slow I feel like I have dial up. When I call to discuss no one I talk to cares or attempts to assist me. Half of the time the person I speak to doesn't understand the English language enough to assist me anyway! I never get anywhere when I call.. I'm considering going to another... Read more

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At the beginning of April (Order # 1568580261A on 4/3 and 4/4 and 4/11 and another date I can't remember) service technicians came to our apartment. They had to keep coming back because something was different about the wiring to our apartment and there was definite confusion about what was going on. I cannot begin to explain exactly what was happening because the technicians couldn't explain it to me, other than that my apartment may have been... Read more

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Oh where oh where could my HALLMARK be at and t it seems like you all screwed your customers royally this is the only cable that does not have HALLMARK

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AT&T started out to be a great company but has let me down when the promo ended. I have chatted three times and have been called twice and both times. Connected to a department that was closed to get a slightly better rate. It went up $60 and I was trying to avoid changing back to Time Warner. They outsource to another country and I was offered 20 bucks off when new customers get services that I have for about 50 bucks now. No deals for... Read more

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Tried to transfer my service to my nee address and tech never showed up. Call them and there was an issur with my order. Called again and thry eere to come out. No show again. Last time I called them to see if someone was in route and they told me that they arr sending someone now. Feed up! I hate Att. Blacklick Ohio

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  • Jul 16, 2014
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Filing a report/claim with the BBB. Was told by 2 AT&T Reps I get my refund back. NOTHING. Now I don't. 50min on Hold to be told this. I want my $35.00. Thanks for taking food from my kids mouth AT&t

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I signed up in late November 2013 for a U-Verse package with a fixed "total monthly reoccurring charge" listed for a "promo length term" of 24 months. By February 2014, they increased the monthly charge. They are now saying that my agreement did not cover the receiver charges, so they can increase the monthly charge for the receivers whenever they want. There is nothing in the agreement I signed to that effect - it clearly states the total... Read more

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I cancelled my internet and voice service last month. The bill came but the internet service was not cancelled so I went online to see what happened. They offered a chat service so I started one. I was passed to 4 people over 20 minutes only to have last one tell me no one can help me other than someone by phone 8-5 M-F. No way will I will ever do business with them again. This company is simply terrible to do business with so I am very glad I... Read more

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I bought a new phone from AT&T with the new phone came a new two-year contract,now previously my contract was expired and I had a regular phone, well I decided to return the new phone because I didn't like it and a couple months later I wanted to use a different service so I called AT&T to cancel. AT&T told me that I had a contract for a year and nine months left and it would cost me $150 to cancel. I explain to them that I no... Read more

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I have been contacted once every few months by an independent contractor pushing U-verse for my neighborhood. These folks are some of the most aggresive salespeople I have ever encountered. Not one time have I shown any indication that I want their product. In fact, I usually begin all interaction with 'not interested'. 4 times I have told these folks to go away. My wife and kids have dealt with them a couple times too. I have asked... Read more

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