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I joined AT&T March of 2016 and has been awful service since. I was told by the store rep that AT&T would pay my last Verizon bill so I can easily transition from Verizon to AT&T.

Received a promotion card of $370.00 for trading in my phone and a few weeks after that, received a rebate of $255.00 to pay my Verizon Bill. No one told me I would get less than market value for a brand new iPhone 6s and only $255.00 to pay my Verizon bill that was over $600.00. If I would've known that I wouldn't have switched.

But of course I was lied too by the store reps. I communicated with many supervisors who provided me credits but it doesn't help with paying for two devices now that I don't even own.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Switch To Att Deal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $62400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

ATT Cons: Billing practices, Being told one thing, Ignorance in business, Entire company.

  • AT T mobility customer service
  • Failure To Honor Employee Mistake
  • Lied about services
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I’ve been royally screwed by AT&T! Switched and was not told I had to buy a phone under an installment contract.

Why would you receive a iPhone XR free and still purchase a new phone.

I’m now stuck in a contract with AT&T and still owe Verizon $588.00. Best deal I’ve made!!!!!


Same thing happened to me. Don’t fall for the switcher program


The Switcher Program is a fraud. If you run into a problem or having problems, then send this guy a email & address your concerns and complaints to him:


The same thing happened to me and I wondered if there was a class action lawsuit out there. I'm so mad I spoke with many managers who cant correct anything because it was sold by a 3rd party sales rep.

At the end of the day there all AT&T. I believed what they told me and everything was a lie, from them paying off my old bill to then amount of my new bill. I have 2 bills I'm paying as well and no one from AT&T will call me back.

I've gone to a corporate office several times for them to tell me they cant help me. I have over $4000 in losses...this is very sad and shameful on this company.


The Switcher Program is a fraud. If you run into a problem or having problems, then send this guy a email & address your concerns and complaints to him:


I am currently in the same situation. I was given false information by in home rep and I have called numerous times and went to several stores and no one will help. This is a total scam and am planning on filing a civil suit against them.


Yes, I have the exact same issue. Switched to ATT December 12 and am still arguing with a variety of reps who can't seem to get everything right.

I expressed my apprehension in 'switching' but after being PROMISED a lower bill I now owe the same amount per month AND owe Verizon $605.00 for my phone. I am seriously thinking about whether I have a lawsuit or not.

@Laura Lutz

The Switcher Program is a fraud. If you run into a problem or having problems, then send this guy a email & address your concerns and complaints to him:


They got me wit this as well I had an email stating that they would pay my last bill?? wrong, they did nothing!!

when I would call and ask they would give a different reason and, when I would correct them by sending them the email they would give me another story. After many hours on the phone and sending the email to many departments. they said they would give me 180 dollars.

My bill to move from my previous provider was over 400 dollars. what a joke!!!!


Yes, this program is such a scam. There should be a class action lawsuit.

They told me in the store that the program would pay off my phone and my lease. After I uploaded my documents they said they are invalid because it does not say EIP.

It is clear on the bill from T Mobile that the costs are for a phone. AT&T is as awful as everyone says they are.


Do not switch to Att , you will end up having to pay out of pocket to your previous cell phone provider.


I had a six month old iPhone six and my refund was $220 and there is no customer service contact information. This is FRAUD!!


After waiting 4 months for any rebate I receive a letter telling me that I didn't qualify because "We do not have a trade in record for your old phone". Mean while my $1200 Verizon bill is in collections.

DON'T SWITCH TO ATT!!! The service is awful to boot.


Had the same experience. Can you email me?


I never recieved my reimbursement at all!! Lucky you got anything at all and now I am paying for both of my bogo phones because they said the phones were supposed to be the iPhone 6s not the iPhone 6... I went to the store to do the trade in and they gave me the phones and lied and said they were the bogo phones!


Filing Class Action Lawsuit Against AT&T

Hello all, I too have been scammed by AT&T. I am wondering if anyone on this board would be willing to file some kind of class action lawsuit against AT&T for misleading advertising practices. I'd be happy to help anyway I can.


I'm willing too...they did the same to me... email


I still have not received money from program and have spent hours dealing with idiots..I am ready to sue as well..


I'd be willing to participate in lawsuit as well

@Raymond Tuggle 2

Count me in.

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