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Thanks AT&T after weeks of trying to get service you have failed. Let me begin with trying to activate new service. I recently purchased a house at which I tried getting internet from AT&T shouldn't be difficult right! After signing up they promised me an install date of the 19th the day I move in. then they were kind enough to change my install date to the 18th when I would not be occupying the property. They then sent me an email which changed the date of install. I called them and told them that I would not be living there at that time and confirmed my email I received from them stating they would install my service on the 19. This was to diifficult for their team to handle and despite my repeated response stating that I will not be living in the home at that time they proceeded with my June 18 install date. Being the terrible company they are they called me the17th to let me know that a tech will be coming out on the 18th to install service at which yet again I explained my situation of having not occupied the property yet in which they asked me if I will be there. Hello after multiple calls and over 3 hours on the phone at this time to explain that "No I will not be home as I have yet to move" They proceeded to send a tech anyway. Great listening skills from their inept staff. So on Saturday the 18th the tech calls to let me know he is at my home at which time I re-tell the story how I have not moved into the house yet. But because his company fails to listen to customer requests and stay true to the install date that they originally promised me he told me this happens all the time and constantly has to apologize to customers as this happens alot. he then told me to call at&t to reschedule. At this point having spent over 3 hours of my life trying to explain I told him to have his manager contact me in which he stated he would. Iwas done sitting on hold for a company who not only will not listen to their customers but who clearly show they do not care. I stated later in the day that I have yet to hear from his supervisor/manager he texted back saying #i sent him a message, 4 days later and multiple texts still have yet to hear from anyone. Monday the 20th I call at&t and explain the terrible service I have received from them and set up another install date since they cannot live up to their promises they rescheduled me for tomorrow the 22 and state they would be here between 9-11. Thus after multiple calls at which time I have now spent over 5 hours on the phone for what one would think would be a simple install. AT&T then sent me an email stating that the account had been cancelled. I then hadb to call at which time they stated that I called and cancelled internet at which point I had not. Someone prior called me 5 hours prior to confirm that the appointment was still on and that someone over the age of 18 would be there for the install at which I stated yes I will be there. For some unknown reason AT&T in their typical disregard for customer service and the basic ability to listen to customer needs or requests canceled my installation. 5 hours later I again receive an email stating that my service has been canceled. I then called in again at which point i asked to speak with a superior. I was placed on hold for 25 minutes at which point the phone was hung up on me without me speaking to someone. I called back again and explained my situation and asked to speak with a supervisor/ manager. I sat on hold for 20 minutes this time and received a voicemail that stated that the customer service office was closed. I called a 3rd time at which point the guy on the end of the phone said he could reschedule me but it would be for the 23. I clearly have texts on my phone and a previous phone call that stated that a tech will be at my house between 9-11 on the 22nd was clearly a lie. I asked again to speak with a manager/ supervisor but guaranteed one would call me within a short amount of time. 5 hours later AT&T lives up to the lies and complete disregard for customer’s especially new ones. I am glad I took off work tomorrow to deal with a complete inept company who cares absolutely nothing for their customers. They have wasted so much of my time and am outraged at how they have treated me. unfortunatley this terrible company is the only one who services the community in which I now live or I WOULD HAVE DEFINITELY GONE WITH SOMEONE ELSE. Thanks again AT&T for being the absolute worst company I have ever had to deal with. THERE IS A LOT MORETO THE STORY BUT UNFORTUNATLEY I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO EXPLAIN. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
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