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Buyer beware. For those of you who have been customers of the 'old' at&t...then they were cingular...then they were at&t again. Beware.

A few months ago I decided to upgrade my phone. My husband and I were on a 39.99 family plan with the old at&t. When upgrading they said I would have to use the new family plan which was 59.99. No problem. So I upgraded and signed a two year contract. My husband liked his phone and chose not to upgrade his. They wanted to make sure the phone my husband was using had GPRS because it had to be 'compatible' with the new network. It was. The Customer Rep said that was fine.

3 months later I look at my bills. They'd been charging us for an individual plan (39.99) and a family plan (50.00). I immediately called Support and thus began my hour and 45 minute journey into torture with 2 different Customer Service Reps and one Customer RELATIONS Rep. Here it is in a nutshell. The mistake in billing was their fault. The misinformation was their fault. This is what they offered apology and the option (only after I demanded it) to cancel my contract with them without incurring any penalties OR to upgrade my husband's phone for a fee of 50 bucks (the fact we have to pay ANYTHING for their mistake is absolutely ludacris and unbelievable. When I asked why they didn't have to power to give us the phone for free the ONLY explanation she gave repeatedly was "We just don't give those types of phones away for free." Well yeah. Not to regular customers. No. How about customers you just mistakenly took inordinate amounts of money from and will continue to do so if we don't upgrade?) at which point our account plan would finally be corrected to the 59.99 plan we were originally promised.

If this is the best they can do I am sorely disappointed. When someone is paying you for a service, I'm sorry doesn't cut it unless you have something 'real' to offer the person you wronged. The New AT&T is the BAD AT&T. Get it right and I'll come back.

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