I own a small retail business, which we were in the process of moving, just seven doors down. We called AT&T several months before the move, and inquried about the possibility about having service at both locations for approximately two weeks. They said no problem, we can have dual service, and just call a couple of weeks in advance.

We did just that, and set up an appt., which was a little more than two weeks before our move. No one showed up, we called, wasted almost an hour on the phone, and finally was told our appt. had been cancelled for no apparent reason, though no one felt compelled to call and let us know. We set up another appt. for the next day.

Again a no show, this time telling us they couldn't do dual service, but would gladly set up new numbers at the new location, and the day of the move, simply cancel those new numbers and put the old numbers in their place.

The next day they again didn't show up, and after a dozen or so phone calls, they simply said the appt was made, but someone forgot to upload the appts. Finally someone did come, set up the new numbers, and we thought we were set.

Over the next few weeks, our nightmare began. For days at a time, our phones were disconnected for no apparent reason. Our old location would be turned off, leaving us with dozens of customers thinking we had gone out of business because the recording said we had our phones disconnected. Then they would fix that and our new lines would be turned off. They mixed up our rollover lines. Turned off our voice mail.

During this time, we called over 150 times, and spend probably 50 hours on the telephone. Almost no one knew what they were doing. We got disconnected frequently, and what is the most amazing and frustrating, is that you can't get their phone numbers as they are not allowed incoming phone calls, and they are not allowed to call you back. The phone company can't call you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is incredible.

When you ask for a supervisor, they do everything they can not to allow you to speak with one. They are always all in a meeting, no matter when you call. I was told probably 3 dozen times one would call me back, and only 2 ever did.

So basically, everytime you got disconnected, or got the wrong answers, you had to call back and start over with another new person.

Only once I got a woman who offered to email me. She did and said she would have everything fixed within the hour. When I found then that all my phones were turned off, I emailed her and her response was a form letter, trying to sell me a longer contract.

Finally, our phones were put back in order, but all told we lost weeks of phone service, thousands of dollars in business, and an enormous amount of time lost on telephone.

Now that I have a huge bill, and am calling for a reduction because of having no service for so long, I get the a supervisor will have to call you back, and after three calls, no one has. I'm sure next I'll get a delinquent notice.

I couldn't hate a company more.

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