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When I moved, the United States Postal service gave me a moving package that contained a "special movers offer". Get a $400 AT&T Reward Visa Prepaid card.

I tried to claim it when they were installing my cable and internet, but they couldn't do it and told me I needed to go online. I was unable to sign up online so I called and was told I should have signed up when I made my service request.Then she tried to justify the whole thing by saying that I got more than $400 in service discounts for the first year and that takes the place of the "special movers offer".Pretty sure it is the same discount everyone is offered the first year of service. That was three weeks ago. Today I got a flier from them, "Dear Valued AT&T Customer" saying my reward is waiting for me, go online and enter redemption ID.

I go to rewards and rebates, follow the steps and guess what, no reward for me.

Surprise! Doesn't make me feel like recommending them, VISA or the post office.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Reward Card.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Same SCAM happened to me. Ive been an ATT cell phone customer since 2005.

Back in 2016, I received a mailer in my AT&T phone monthly statement advertizing; switch to Direct TV/ATT Uverse bundle and get a $400 Visa rewards card for switching. Well that was in September of 2016. When I call each month they say YES we see the promotion and we will mail it out TODAY!!! Well that last time was in mid March 2017.

I said today? So I should receive it in the next week? She said no it takes 4 to 6 weeks to be mailed. WHAT???

Nothing takes 4-6 weeks these days?!?!? She said I will receive a letter with a claim # & instructions on how to claim my debit card online. Well fast forward to June. After patiently waiting 8 weeks.

I received NOTHING. ZERO! I called AT&T today (June 2017) Now they tried to say I recieved a $10 discount each month and that is my reward! After saying they said they dont see ANYTHING that states I have a promotion????

I told them it was visible in the the past several months!!! I was transfered SEVERAL times and conveniently dropped call a couple times!!! This very second I have been on the phone nearly 2 HOURS!?!?!?! Each time I get to speak with a rep they transfer me and I get dropped (hung-up on?) and have to call back and.

. . start over?!?!? THIS @#%^ SUCKS!!!

BEAWARE of AT&T SCAMs!!! After months of calling to ask about my reward card that was promised. They NOW say we found your reward promotion but it has been 120 days since your first day of service and it had expired!. I EXPLODED!!!!!!!!!

I have been calling for NINE MONTHS!!! If it is expired; that is YOUR fault!!!

After nearly 3 hours on the phone today. they said they found the error and will contact me in 8-10 buiness days after they review my account?


To Leeds: When it is in writing, especially from the US Postal Service on AT&T letterhead, it is not a scam. They are bound under Federal Law to honor it as long as you meet the fine print in the flyer.

It makes no difference whether you sign up online, over the phone, or by carrier pigeon. As long as you notify them within your first 30 days of the fact you are demanding they honor their written agreement mailed to you.

The phone number for the corporate office is 214-757-5000. Push the issue and threaten to send it to an attorney, where you would get the $400, plus court costs and attorney fees, not to mention the fines levied on them by the Federal government for false advertisements.


Every company has the 200 to 400 gift card scam if you sign up. Even if you bring the card into one of their stores they will claim it is fake.

That you made it yourself. If a company has a gift card for signing up don't do it.

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