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CEO: Randall L. Stephenson

CFO: John Joseph Stephens

COO: John T. Stankey

AT & T

208S. Akard Street

Dallas, TX 75202

Dear CEO: Randall L. Stephenson

CFO: John Joseph Stephens

COO: John T. Stankey:

This letter is to complain about service received from AT & T. This is a complaint in reference to the wireless residential, u-verse and high speed internet services. First of all I have had terrible customer service experiences with all divisions of AT&T. No one wants to address the issue or take care of the customer. They transferred or simply hang up on you. I have spent hours on phone calls and chat sessions, nothing has been resolved. The wireless reps advised that I would save money by giving up our unlimited data plans and moving to the mobile share. That was the BIGGEST mistake! The bill has be higher every month and the data charges continue to grow. The sad thing is that we have AT&T high speed internet but the service has been horrible and never works always loses connection there the cells use mobile data instead of the Wi-Fi. I have called and made complaints. So far I have in 3 months I have had *** service we can’t watch TV or use the internet because of the lost connections. My husband has been on exams and the internet lose connection cause him to fail multiple exams, which resulted in him have to drop the course and take it again. That cost us $1500 for him to retake the course. We should be able to use the internet and has a reliable connection. This has also caused high data overages with our wireless cells too. No connection what are we paying for. I have had techs out to replace modems but the outside line has still not been repaired. Not to mention since the first tech came out the home phone has not worked. I have been placed on hold never ending holds transferred and hung-up on, this is completely unacceptable. My life is hard enough without having to deal with this headache. Your customer care line has been so unprofessional NO ONE takes accountability for the calls they get the reps never note calls and I have to repeat the concerns over and over to each person I get transferred too. The issues still exist and probably will until AT&T fixes the fiber optic in ground lines. The employees you send out don’t look at the lines and instead ask your customers to sign work orders to day they completed the work without ever looking at the lines much less doing the work. This is a unacceptable service. I don’t know how yall maintain the high ratings you do.

I should have known that I could not count on that and that AT&T would not honor the plan I recently changed to. This is not how a customer should be treated, this is extremely unacceptable, but I guess since I am one in a million customer it doesn’t matter how your employees treat your customers.

AT&T should have better customer service that what I have had to endure. I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed. Because I do not want to spend any more time on this problem, I plan to start looking into other wireless providers who value their customers. I look forward and fully expect a response for someone who can help me with my issue. I have been a customer since 2009 and have had many of my family and friends switch over. I choose to move my TV/Internet/Phone service to AT&T back in December but the past 4 months have been horrible I would not recommend any of the services yall offer. I am fed up with AT&T. I plan to post this to your blogs and other social media outlets I interact with on a daily basis.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

Reason of review: poor customer service/bad quality/pricing.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

ATT Cons: Poor customer service, Unreliable network, Charges, Deceptive policies.

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Lol @ "fiber optic in ground lines". I'm sure once the techs fix those, whatever the *** those are, everything will work great!

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