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I went to ATT trying to save money by bundling through their new uverse service ,PHONE,T.V.,COMPUTER.They set me up with Direct T.V. because ATT ,that I didn't have that capability.The Direct T.V. hook up man left a mess for me to clean up,but the're another horror story for another time.Next came the computer,ATT Sent out a tech for that on a Thursday,I picked up my land-line a couple of days later ,no dial tone.Another repair man was sent out called me at work,and told they set the order up wrong down at the office,ordered without phone.That night my computer went out too.To make a very long story short,I called down to the ATT presidents office and the switchboard operator couldn't get a dial tone for his office,what a joke!I've been billed for things I don't have,humiliated.and actually I had a repair run from my house,he told me to say he'd never been here.He was embarrassed after being on the phone with the office.ATT has a bunch of people that are as dum as rocks.

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