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att promised me a reward card for $100 and a paper bill, Plus wireless service for $19.95. I called in because I now have a bill for $234.17 after just 1 month of service!

I tried to call in today and reward center said she would put in for a new card that would take another 4 to 6 weeks to get to me. She can't help what the guy who set up my service told me. The $19.95 takes 3 to 4 billing cycles to kick in and then they would give me credit. All of this was never explained to me.

Then she transferred me to another calling center for billing. Billing wanted to transfer me back to reward center. I told her I was on my 4th call and 35 minutes on the phone with no help so far and she said ok thank you and transferred me anyway. No one picked up the phone after 5 minutes longer I finally hung up.

I think the proper solution is $100 off my bill for reward card I never received. And $28.05 off bill for difference between $48.00 and $19.95 off bill. I mailed them $106.12 and sent them an unhappy email. I will continue to send an email a day until this is resolved.

I will not call into ATT for customer service. If you do get a human they are rude and just transferr you. It is like a numbers game.

They say how can I help you have a wonderful day and that is all bs!!!!! We shall see how the email service works.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Reward Card.

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I'm with AT&T and I saw your post. I would like to start by saying my apologies for the experience.

I would like to engage our billing team to assist with your concern/ Shoot me an email to attnickt@att.com with the types of AT&T service you have, your account/contact number and any other details you may have. I will be happy to have our specialists investigate and contact you directly. I'm in office Mon-Fri 1-10pm central.

Thanks! ^NickT

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