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We were gone.ATT install persons, 3 men, entered our backyard through our closed gate and then left the gate open.

We have a 30 year old turtle that they may have stepped on where it sleeps under the gravel/small rocks, or it may have gotten out the gate. We have not found him yet. the att men were still working next door. We confronted them and they admitted to going in our yard and leaving the gate open (and also our neighbors gate).

This is trespassing. there are no numbers at the att site to report this activity. should have notified us in advance and we would have been home.

Trespassed, and they don't give a Dam...June 13, 2017

Review about: Att Customer Care.

Reason of review: Trespassing.

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Are you a F ing ***?ATT is a utility, and they have the RIGHT to maintenance utility services.

ATT and the power company, have the right to that easement in your backyard.You are a dumb, jack off.

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