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I am dealing with the worst service I have ever experienced in trying to get a simple dial up account cancelled. ATT world net service switched to so I can no longer access dial up email.

I have tried online chat, and 5 different 800 numbers. After waiting for up to 45 minutes, I get a live body, then they tranfer me to another location, where I am either left on hold again, or the phone is disconnected. At this point the only way I know to cancel my service is to challenge payment to my credit card.

Good luck to anyone who has ATT dial up service - att service is terrible! PS I am considering switching my wireless from ATT to Verizon due to this issue

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I had a heck of a time with them as well. Signed up for dial up and never could get my computer online with them.

Not once did I ever connect with ATT and still couldn't get money back .. I only paid for two months trying to get the account closed.

I guess it could have been much worse. Atleast I got it cancelled before the third month was billed to me.


Try VoIP...i pay only 25 bucks a month for everything. its way cheaper and way more simple. Thats what i switched from when verizon had me in a choke hold. anyway this is where i went for my service.

just go to products and see for your self

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