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I was calling AT&T to disconnect my mom's wireless service because she passed away. Got passed around to three different customer service agents and spent at least a combined 15 minutes waiting on hold.

Spoke with Forrest in wireless services. Gave him all account information including 4 digit pin to which his response was "perfect." He transferred me to customer retention/loyalty. Spoke with Ashley. Gave her the same 4 digit pin.

She claimed it was incorrect. Pin was correct 10 minutes earlier. Doesn't make sense. She could not explain why pin was now not acceptable, help me in any way, nor would she let me speak with her manager.

She suggested I go to a store to handle after I spent 30-40 minutes on the phone. AT&T's web site is very misleading regarding how easy they make this process sound. They offer their condolences all the way to the bank while they get another monthly payment from a deceased customer.

What a racket and how completely insensitive. It's all about the $, don't let them fool you with their bogus customer service comments.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Similar situation!


Why worry about it? You tried and failed.

It's not like AT&T can collect the bill from your mother. Just don't pay any bills from them and they will soon-enough disconnect the phone. Make sure you don't pay them anything when they bill your mother and if/when someone calls about the unpaid bill tell them when she died and if they ask, tell them she died "intestate." Meaning, without probate, etc. I am assuming you are handling all her finances, etc.

Not knowing if there is a will and/or what assets there are, just make sure NOW that you protect whatever is there. You do not have to pay many of these bills, so be careful and protect your interests.