I signed for internet with At&t in one of their store early february. I was informed I would recvd a rebate of $100.00 & given the paperwork to send in after I rcvd the modem in the mail. I was instructed on what to place on the rebate & the store rep even highlighted the area I need to complete before sending in rebate. I entered the info & mail in the rebate.

I recvd a post card in the mail from At&t the end of February stating they needed the product serial number. I call their reward ctr on February 28, 2011 and spoke with a customer service rep gave her the procude serial number off the modem. Asked her did they need anything else? She stated no that I should rcv the rebate card of $100.00 in a couple of wks.

Called at&t today & was informed they now need a copy of the 1st bill showing I paid for the modem and they also need the SK# off the box that the modem came in. Informed them did have the bill which was paid that they are looking at my acct showing the bill was paid, was then informed I will have to contact customer card and have them send me a copy of the bill showing that I paid for the modem and then I will have to send them a copy of the bill and I will still have to provide them with the SK# that is on the box that the modem came in. I was told that the SK# is a 5 digits number on the box that the modem came it.

I am looking at the box that the modem came in and there is not a 5 digits # on the box.

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