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Update by user Oct 29, 2018

The matter is NOT Resolved. I just typed out a rather lengthy up-date and it just mysteriously disappeared and this site keeps trying to say it is resolved. I will try again later, but no, as much as the slick people at ATT want it to disappear, it is not resolved.

Original review posted by user Sep 29, 2018

Have been attempting to figure out why AT&T was taking so much money out of our company account for years. They never responded to my attempts to address the issue.

We're talking $20,000 since 2011. Finally I wrote letters to Federal Agencies and the office of the AT&T President. Just trying to stop the madness! During the past month I had SunTrust issue a "stop payment" and changed the variables on it so AT&T was not able to by-pass it this time.

I have tried to do this previously to no avail. So now I get a response from the Office of the President of AT&T. What do they do? Turn off the telephone service.

It's our business line! No real investigation regarding the matter, just typical "bully tactics". Apparently the business phone number, that I own was somehow working off of the landline I was being billed for. (Call forwarded) $300.

per month? No Yellow Page ads, nothing extra to charge me for. I merely was attempting to get to the bottom of this matter and AT&T decides they will just put us out of business? If I had the money I would get an attorney and just "beat the pants off" these corporate bullies!

I can't afford that.

They know it. The person that called me was supposed to send me an e-mail so I could have my Son contact her, since I wasn't getting anywhere with her. He runs this one-man show since my stroke occurred and I became disabled. I was just trying to resolve a matter that began before my illness.

It was costing him too much money to continue to let AT&T extort us any longer. Instead, I apparently just gave them an excuse to put him out of business.

I haven't received that e-mail address yet. Big surprise.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Un-justified billing and difficulty contacting AT&T.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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In my situation involving AT&T and SunTrust Bank it was finally determined(with a lot of time spent) that AT&T was the culprit all along. After my sending a letter to the AT&T Presidents office I was contacted by one of the employees to apparently be assured that it was all my fault and there was nothing to be done about the fact that I have lost $20,000 paying for some ridiculous phone plan that I never signed up for.

If AT&T could show me that I did indeed authorize the monthly deduction I suppose the matter would be settled. They didn't. They also said I should have contacted them sooner. I did attempt to contact them several times to no avail.

Pardon me for having a stroke and being found disabled by the Social Security Administration during these years. I really did not realize this problem was still going on! Un-limited long distance?? I don't remember the last time I called long distance and would have no use for such a plan.

Anyway, the matter is not resolved. I primarily want to say that SunTrust was not at fault, indeed they were very helpful in the investigation of the situation.