DSL Line starts flaking out, dropping the connection in intervals from several hours to 30 seconds. I run the diagnostics and gee, power cycling the modem, connecting directly to the computer, all that jazz only remedies it until the next time.

Into the Modem diagnostics screen and I see the SN Margin (dB) at 13, rarely up to 14 (15 is what is considered marginally good), as I monitor I see it start to waver, then drop, finally going negative, boom, no connection.

Time to call in the repair crew, this is obviously a problem on the line (it has flaked before at the beginning of the rainy season).

I go through the *** of voice mail and get a live person on the phone and give them all my data, do the diagnostic song and dance and BOOM, they disconnect. Hey, they took an alternate number to call me back if that happened, I wait half an hour, no call back.

Back into the *** of voice mail, I get another live person, again through the diagnosis script, after two LOOOOONNNGGG pauses as they run diagnostics on my line, they confirm that they need to escalate this. Another long pause as they transfer it over to the person who can make an appointment, they emphasize that they need a live person at the residence in case they need access. Appointment made, 4-8 Friday, I can try and get some work done as I wait for them.

Friday comes, the line is especially flakey, I am rebooting it at 5 minute intervals. 8:00 comes, no technician. 9:30 comes, I call them and I get a very apologetic customer service rep who says that the dispatcher will call back that night or next morning...

Next morning I receive a robocall telling me telling me that my appointment has been moved 'forward' to between 12 and 5 that afternoon. About a half hour later a live person calls with the same information and makes a very lame excuse as to why they did not make the appointment.

Their excuse, the riots in Oakland. Their offices are in San Ramon and my home is in Castro Valley, so their excuse it that they could not come to an appointment because there are people causing trouble two cities and a range of hills the other side of where I am. I let this obvious lie pass because I want to get things dealt with. My guess, the real reason was probably a greater devotion to happy hour than to customers. Their response to a question as to why they could not at least give me a call to tell me they were blowing it off? "Well, that should not have happened."

5:00 comes and goes... No call, not technician, line still pogoing. I call them again at 5:30, go through same gauntlet of bad voice mail again (but by now I know all the prompts so I do not have to wait for all the options) and after 10 more minutes on hold, get told that "that should not have happened". I ask to talk to a manager and get told that the manager is busy.

Gee, with this level of service, you think they are busy?

They promise that the manager will me as soon as they get free... three and a half hours later I'm truly classified as a pissed consumer and need to vent.

We came to using ATT for internet because we hated Comcast for their smug jacking of rates and dilution of service, now I'm looking back at changing back.

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