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Purchased a pre-pay cell phone online through AT&T charges we're $111.00 for phone and a pre pay minutes card.

Prior to giving my credit card info I reviewed all charges and athourized AT&T to charge my account for the $111.00. When checking the charges online through the bank the charges were $226.00!Called costumer service who told me that the charges we're a pre-authourization and they would be refunded as soon as the phone was shipped.Now 5 days later they have not only not refunded these charges but went ahead and charged me an additional $26.50!

I have recieved the phone and card and called them this morning and tried to figure out why the charges we're not refunded they informed me that "it's the banks responsability to release the pending charges on the account...we can't do anything for you!"

Are you kidding me? I never authourized them to charge my account almost triple the amount! They said this was how they charged for online purchases...ther was nothing in any of the "terms of service" ect. that informed me of these additional charges.

It seems to me that when a company charges you almost triple the amount you've authourized they are commiting a crime! RIGHT?

Not to mention they kept me on hold for over an hour transferring me to 7 different people and we're rude to boot!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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'Spend 35 minutes with costumer service and lost contact while readjusting my security password & setting and trying to find out why my service did not work after paying my bill in full last December. When I called back an "Amanda" (do I really believe they use their "real" names) expalined that my phone number and name did not match and henceforth I could not be assisted.

She did not care that I was previously talking with a rep…connected to my account. I asked for a supervisor and a Michael Black immediatly and aggressively gave me the run around - short of callingme a liar… I requested that he would read the previous messages on my account and verify I had simply lost contact with the earlier rep - but he was "locked" on being a righteous *** AT&T could not access my account but he would write a note on my account…?! I felt utterly uncomfortable. AT&T's internal policies are to intimidate - understandably some peeps dont pay their bills and hence everyone is treated rudely - Not a very inviting method.

The idea that an intern or a grumpy "manager" can make my life dificult at will is shocking. Moody peeps like these employees clearly have no decorum or maybe simply need a hug… and again, they work for AT&T - what drive and carrier goal is that?

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