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We noticed that we hadn't received our monthly ATT bill, so went online to check our account and found that our phone plans were changed and we were changed to paperless billing. We called immediately worried that someone had unauthorized access to our account.

We talked with 6 people in total over the course of 5 days. Every time we talked to someone new they always wanted to call us back to review the information on our account. No one could ever address our main concern, which was whom and how our information was changed. We received a voicemail stating that our account was fixed and our plans rectified, but no one told us how it happened.

So I called back to ask if they had gotten to the bottom of it and was asked if they could call me back. I politely said no please review the information while I am on the line and tell me what happened. ATT rep said well I see there have been managers looking into it and the problem has been addressed. I discussed that while they may have addressed it no one explained to us how it happened and do we have to worry about other breeches of our account information.

He restated that it had been addressed and hung up on me. Completely disappointed in ATTs lack of customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

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I'm so sure they hung up on you.

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