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I am actually on hold now while writing this . For 6 months i have not had a signal at my house and for 6 month i have been fighting with att about this .

And the fact that my 73 year old husband has congestive heart failure and a list of other health issues. And I can not even dial 911 if I had to. I owe a company that has 7 wireless lines that I pay over 417.00 a month for . And I have a land line that was recently torn out by the road grader.

So after spending Monday through Thursday in town to have a signal on my phone for 3 + hours every day just to be told that they are working on the tower in my area I went to sprint and was told tgey they had bought out att towers in this area and i now have a sprint phone with excellent service. Been an att customer for 20 years by the way. And now I am on hold vexause they can not find my land line account due to the fact that they have it in my dead sister in laws name still which I called them in November of 2016 and told them that she gad passed away and I needed the nymber put in my name like the 7 wireless numbers and I had to pay deposits on every thing to the tune of 5000.00 . She handled tge company business for my husband and had a control issue so she always put the bills in her name and they were always paid from and stilk are from the same company account automatically .

And I am still holding and it has been 45 minutes . How many people are fed up with att and there price gouging hidden fees raising fees and under handed Bs.

I am calling my attorney first thing monday morning about sueing this att company for charging me so much for a service they are not providing . If something happens to my husband and I can not get help it will be AT&T THAT WILL BE ON NATION WIDE NEWS

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

ATT Cons: Being lied too, Will not fix the problem, Very deceptive reps and no loyalty towards long term customers, Poor network reliability, False information.

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