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I keep getting calls from telemarketers. I tell them to not call, because I am on a do not call list, which is a really big JOKE!

When I called to complain, the lady gave me a number to call, which was to get on the do not call list...I AM ALREADY ON A DO NOT CALL LIST. I tried to figure out how to block the numbers, but I get so many of them and I do not understand how to do it, even though I am paying for it. What I want to know is how to keep these people from calling. I understand that I could turn them in to someone....only God know who or where.

I am sure my complaint is not on the right site, but there doesn't seem to be a simple way to talk to anyone, in person or on line to resolve this problem. I am seriously considering dropping my land line because of this on going problem. Several of our family members have done this and seem happy with it. I have even gotten calls from personal individual phone numbers and when I call them back, it is not from the person that called, even though there number was used.

I would like to know, how is this possible, when we pay for that number and someone else is using it?? Seems to me that AT&T would have a way to stop someone from using our personal phone numbers. Makes me wonder if people have gotten phone calls from our number.

We used to receive phone calls from our own phone number with our name listed as the caller, but that hasn't happened in a while...probably changed to someone else's. AT&T needs to FIX THIS PROBLEM, BEFORE THEY START LOSING CUSTOMERS, that is if you even care.

ATT Cons: Trying to send an email, So i have not been helped yet.

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John S

Do NOT give your number to any websites. That's probably how they got your number despite placing it on the "Do Not Call List". I know this from experience.


Can't seem to be a way to send an email without jumping through a lot of hoops, some of which I can't fill in as I do not have that info. Grrrrrr

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