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I have been a so called customer for a few years and decided to upgrade my 2 IPhone 4's 32G's to a IPhone 5 32G's.So I go in the store and ask the rep how much to upgrade.

He tells me 300.00 each with a new contract. So I said that that's the same deal ANYBODY gets that walks into the store and he says yes. So I ask where's my perk for being a "valued customer" and how can you call that a UPGRADE. So he informs me that that's the deal for anybody.

So I ask myself hmmmm they talk about this great UPGRADE but WHY.

Well I walked across the street to Sprint and got both phones and activated for 375.00 So I believe AT&T don't have a clue what "valued customer" is all about....Xmetalrocker

Monetary Loss: $225.

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Well don't YOU feel entitled?ATT gives the same upgrade pricing to everyone who's eligible for an upgrade to make it fair for everyone who is a customer with an upgrade available.

If you don't like the discount, you can quit crying and buy the iPhone outright for $750.

Oh, what's that?

You don't want to?Oh well isn't that just a shame.

to PeterATT #613724

Haha, peter you lost another two loyal costumers. Shame on you!!!

to fixya #613813

I didn't lose a *** thing. :)

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