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Update by user Jan 27, 2021

January 26, 2021 - Earlier this month, I had sent a copy of my statement below to the corporate office of AT&T. On Tuesday, January 26th, I received a call from Annette from the Office of the President.

She wanted to discuss with me the content of my letter. I thought, "good - maybe some compensation for all my troubles". That was not to be the case.Other than a comment that is it was "too bad" that I had so much trouble, she basically put the blame on me since I had a prepaid cell phone and want to transfer a balance of over $300.00 to be used to pay for my new phone and/or data plan. She said most current people just walk away and leave the money with AT&T.

She stated I was lucky I found someone that transferred the money and that usually the money is lost and AT&T just keeps it. In a way, she berated me for worrying about $300.00 and said something to the effect "What's $300.00".She told me I had called the wrong numbers to contact Customer Services, but could not answer me when I read to her the numbers I call and she realized that I had call the correct numbers to handle cell phones. She also stated that customer service people are not really trained to handle cell phone problems.

She said that most people do not bother with cell phone problems and just "throw them away". She tried to provide me with phone numbers to use in the future if I have any problems, but when I told her that those were numbers that I had call several times during my issues, she had no response.At the end, she offered me no "compensation" for my trouble and frustration and put the blame on me for being someone who values the money they have worked so hard to earn because current people do not care about the money.

Update by user Jan 19, 2021

January 19, 2021Still not a "peep" out of AT&T as to an apology or any type of correspondence. Last week, I sent a letter with a copy of the report to the head of Customer Service at the AT&T Corporation Office in Dallas, TX.

They probably will not read it. I probably will not hear anything as they are too big and too rich to care about one lowly consumer.ADVICE: If you can - AVOID AT&T at all costs!!

Original review updated by user Dec 17, 2020

Where do I start -

On Wednesday,11/11/20, I visited the Woodstock, GA AT&T store asking questions about upgrading my prepaid phone and getting a data plan. I had a considerable balance on my old prepaid phone and wanted to use that money to purchase a new phone and/or data plan.

I also wanted to keep my same phone number. ANSWER FROM AT&T - WE CANNOT HELP YOU HERE. YOU HAVE TO CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THEY WILL HELP YOU. (Spoke with Grace) I also asked if the balance could be credited to my home landline or if I could receive a refund check and was also told - THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE!

On Thursday 11/12/20 and continuing on Friday 11/13/20 I called, was transferred to and re-called eight (8) phone numbers, spoke to nine (9) different people (who barely spoke English and were not understandable) and spent almost 6 hours on the phone with AT&T.

No one could answer my questions and kept referring me to another number and another person. I also spoke with a supervisor and they could not help me.

Finally, after all this, I logged into my "myAT&T" account and I decided to order the phone and data plan on line, (Note: I had to take a data plan that was more expensive to get the discount on the phone and was told that I could switch plans after one month), only to find out that I could not keep my same phone number. (The on-line ordering system would not allow me to enter and keep my old phone number.) Another hour and a half (1 1/2) on the phone with another AT&T employee only to be told that they cannot put the same number on the new phone. It will come with a new number and that I can take it to an AT&T store and they can change it back to my old number.

I still had no answer as to my remaining balance from my old phone and if I could use that money toward the new phone/data plan. (Note: I have not listed all the phone numbers and people I spoke on these two days as this report would be as long as War and Peace.)

I received the new phone on Wednesday, 11/16/20 and made an appointment at the Woodstock, GA AT&T store to have the phone activated. The store employee activated the phone and asked why I did not transfer the old number. I explained the above experience and presented to him my call log.

He told me they could transfer the number, but that I should have been able to do it on-line.(? - I tried) He was also able to transfer my money balance to the new phone to be used on the payment of the data plan. He mentioned that I should have been able to most of this on line or with customer service - As stated above and to him - I TRIED!!!

On 12/16/20 - I received a text message that payment would be due the next day for my data plan for next month. I decided to switch to the plan that I originally wanted.

I also wanted to apply the balance of the money I had left toward that plan. I could not do this on-line, and it was suggested that I go to the Woodstock, GA AT&T store and they could help me. Made an appointment and when I got there was told - THEY CANNOT HELP ME. CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Arriving home, I phoned customer service and spoke with Ferando, who to my surprise, was able to help me switch data plans and apply the balance to that new plan.

AT&T - If I did not have this substantial balance, I would have thrown you and the phone into my local lake (160 feet at the dam) and never looked back.

I wish I could use stronger words, but you, your store personnel, and customer service people (as well as supervisors) SUCK AND ARE FULL OF CRAP!!!!

I am telling anyone that will listen about my experiences with AT&T and doing it in a VERY LOUD VOICE!!! I am retaining all of my notes and call logs for future reference.

User's recommendation: Avoid AT&T at all costs!!!

Preferred solution: Apology.

ATT Cons: Just not worth the time, Basically useless.

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ATT customer service is bad. It used to be great.

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