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i work as an att cust service rep and all day long people are calling about these "third party" charges. it happens to so many people and they don't realize it because they charge smaller amounts.

when i ask supervisors about it they say there's nothing we can do. i think it's because those companies are really part of att. how it works is when you get one of these on your bill, you have to call them and they send att the credit to be put on your bill. that is if you can get through to those other companies.

then it can take 2 to 3 billing cycles to show up on your bill.

anyway, if you're an att cust, always keep an eye on the first page of your bill at the section titled "billing summary". the 3 most common third party companies you'll see are USBI, OAN, and ILD.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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$101 was added to my bill from a third party. When i called usbi they said thet they were my long distance provider. I never told them to do this since i have att long distance


$8.85 was added to my bill and I never authorized it. I don't need it since I already have ATT long distance.

I hope people go to pay as you go cell phone. Enough of this.


Small charges by USBI appeared on my AT&T bill. I contacted AT&T asking to block charges from USBI and they said that they can not do anything. My question is how did USBI get into my AT&T bill?


I just dealt with this today. AT&T had $12.95 tacked onto my bill from a "ILD Teleservices on behalf of COMP U FIX, LLC".

I don't even knoe WTF that is. So I called AT&T and they couldn't view the page that showed the charge on this. I then had to call ILD Teleservices and get them to credit back the monies to AT&T, THEN call back AT&T to give them the confirmation number. 30 minutes of my life I won't get back all because of a SCAM.

How can AT&T let this to still happen? It looks like these sorts of scams have been happening for years.


When I called USBI they transferred the call to Onelink Comm and they informed me that my wife accepted some sort of services. To prove the acceptance they played a message and found that it was FAKE, a lady who did not know how to pronounce my last name....

This a SCAM!!! Do not know how att is accepting this kind of things....

Both att and Onelink said they will issue a refound.... point is that this is not SERIOUS!....


tHeY bEn MeSsInG wItH mE tEn MoNtHs.I wIlL bE gEtTiNg A lAwYeR. aNd ThEy WiLl PaY mE bAcK!

Oh! TY for the info.


I assume the "3rd party billing company's",(this time it's USBI),don't expect most of us to look at our bills that closely and when we do we have to wait up to 6 months to recieve a credit back. this is the 4th time that I have been fruadualently billed by one of these companies.

I'll call ATT & eventually the charges will get removed. I stayed on the phone over an hour with ATT but it finally got handled. Each time I called the other biller I never got a live person, they either keep you on hold forever or you get he call dropped. How can you keep them from stop biling period?

I have all the blocks & they seem to still get through? Whose going to compensate me for my time???


I have the same problem. I am aware of ILD scam and I specified to AT&T representative that I want third party billing block.

But I still have ILD charges and OAN charges on both of my business phone bills. I call, they will refund it but once in awhile, they bill again. Why don't consumers protection agencies anything.

There should be class action lawsuit against them. I am sure millions of customers had been scammed.


For local service, AT&T offers collect call and third party billing block. It is free. If a rep tells you the company does not offer, ask to speak to a supervisor.


I called AT&T about 6 months ago to prevent this USBI from ever having anything to do with my account. They said no problem. I didn't really understand third party companies until now.

Well, six months later I look at my bill (after $900 of international calls) and see USBI is the responsible party.

Yes, my wife does call Indonesia, but these charges are outrageous. Plus they added some 14% bogus tax to make these calls.

I called AT&T and told them to send back the charges (which they did). I tried to call USBI and all I got was a runaround. Their reps played *** or tried to say AT&T was the ones I should talk to about the bill.

The USBI reps didn't even have any record of the bill to view while I disputed the charges. They say, "AT&T are the ones that can see the bill, not them.

Can't wait for the class action lawsuit on this one. And AT&T will be right in the middle of it.


AT&T is lying when they tell you that they cannot block third party charges or that they are required by law to let these scams happen. Verizon will gladly block third party billing for you, but AT&T will fight you on the matter.

You simply need to escalate the issue until you get a decent person on the phone. Low level AT&T reps are useless, so don't waste your time with those script reading fools. Escalate, escalate, escalate.

OAN and USBI are DBAs for BSG Clearing Solutions.

They have been operating under a multitude of names since 1988, which has helped them to avoid being shut down since consumers keep complaining about company names that change often. It's all part of the scam, so be sure to include BSG Clearing Solutions in your complaints.


It's not AT&T that does it. Check federal mandates regarding competition laws and you will see why they do it. The government requires competition to exist and therefore allows these companies to get customers anyway they can.


Guys, I work for ATT billing.

Yes, this is a total scam, but, because of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, we and other providers are powerless to stop it unless you call or write (e-mail) requesting a block of 3rd party billing (because of this law, when I pull up you bill, I cannot even see the name of the company, much less what they claim they’re billing you for).

All I can see are the charge$! OAN, ILD Teleservices, PYM billing, USBI are, in my opinion, all the same people. It’s a company based in Antigua (RED FLAG!!!) that has found either your e-mail address or phone number through some type of illicit means. Here’s what you do: First, please call 1-800.ATT.(288).2020,(or your current provider) and place a block on 3rd party billing (we can’t do it unless you ask, as per Telecommunications Act of 1996).

If you have been scammed, call us or whoever is providing you phone service, dispute the charges for 90 days (these bastards have, by law, 65 days from the time of your dispute, to credit you!), and ask for a dispute and “do not treat” request for the 90 days (treatment is late charges, disconnect, collections, etc.). Also, file complaints with your state commerce commisssion (utility regulatory commission, etc.)as well as the FCC Consumer Complaint Divison (888.225.5322).

That way, you have bullets for you gun when they tell you “you ordered this on the internet, through a telphone solicitation, etc.) Finally, when you call them, RAISE ***! The last thing they want is another complain which will eventually shut them down!


Wrong! It's not AT&T!

They will have a voice recording of someone at your house accepting the charge from ILD. Don't spread lies!


It's happenning to me boils my blood when companies do this


ILD is not the bad guy. It's AT&T.

ILD is simply the third party billing company for AT&T. AT&T is the one who contracts them to provide the services to their company.

That's why you can't get rid of the charges. It's because your company gave ILD and these other companies the authority to be third party billers for their company (AT&T).

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