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I just wanted to cancel HBO and Cinemax. Couldn't do it by phone because of limited customer service hours.

Uverse.att.com Website said "Upgrade, downgrade, add or cancel services on your TV". Followed the instructions and the TV "Services" Channel 9910 only covers upgrades. Website said sign on to Uverse.com, so I did (another log in) several screens got me to "manage services". I was already logged in but I had to log in again (to Uverse.att.com, again) to manage services.

Took me about 20 screens of trial and error to finally find a place to cancel. Constantly thru the process there were a zillion ways to upgrade, but it took more than a half hour to get thru their maze of lousy and misleading instructions for cancelling services. I even used their automated helper (like a chat 'bot) and asked a simple question: "how do I cancel HBO". The instructions again led me to many ways to upgrade my services, no method to cancel, and then asked "were these instructions helpful"?

This is obviously not a matter of poor programming; they have purposely made it extremely difficult to cancel. Is it illegal? no. Is it 'bad business'?

No, not as long as their competitors also screw the customers. And to think that so many people believe "if the government just got out of businesses way, competition would make everything better". Oh, then I wanted to just cancel all my services, so I went through the 'cancel services' steps and was told they only cancel services if in a voice call.

Of course they did not provide the phone number, and the customer service desk was closed anyway? ***.

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File a complaint with the FCC, FTC, CPUC, PUC & The Department of Justice/Attorney General's Office. You can also view my post on this site called "Held Hostage" AT&T Uverse DSL & the clip on You Tube link http://youtu.be/Svi3qeyqFgw

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