Pirmasens, Rheinland-Pfalz

I've been attempting to return ATT's U Verse equipment for four months. The company states that you must return the equipment in the return boxes that they will mail to you.

I have not received the boxes for over 4 months. I've made several attempts to return but they will not provide a mailing address or location to drop off. All you get is false promises that the boxes are in the mail. They charged me $486 for not returning the equipment last week..

This is a scam. They never shipped the boxes and several other are in the same situation. Friends who work in the company state that there is an internal problem with returning equipment. Avoid ATT.

The ATT executive complaint office is a waste of time also. Contact the FTC, BBB and your attorney general if you are in the same situation.

Monetary Loss: $486.

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Your right, we can't tell if the box's were shipped off to you. All they tell us to say is they were shipped off to you.

If you go to the store they can't even tell you.

There is a disconnect between departments so vast. The right hand doesn't know what the rest of the body is doing.


this is a scam! and really beyond belief!

somebody needs to sue or something!

humanily ridiculous!!!! :upset

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