I went to my local Walmart to add a line to my cell phone for my husband. He was leaving out of town the next morning for a business trip so I needed to get this done pretty quick.

Walmart told me id have to call the 611 number because id have to be set up on a family share plan. So I called 611 an the woman told me no that Walmart would have to set me up on the plan that that was there job. So I go back into Walmart an tell the lady that an she said no somethings not right. So I called the 611 again an another lady told me that Walmart would have to call the 611 number.

The girl at Walmart called and still got nothing! I call the 611 again an by this time im VERY upset! The man told me that since I only have 1 line an I was trying to add a second line that I couldn't do that at Walmart because I would have to purchase the second phone thru at&t!!! I think this is very *** since the first phone I got was from Walmart!!!

Im very upset about this whole ordeal an im seriously thinking about dropping At&t. My contract is up March 5th 2013. Its pretty silly since by me adding a second line I would have been signing a new 2 year contract. Si it seems to me that At&t is not that worried about keeping their customers.

I pay almost 100 dollars a month for just my phone. Which is fine and I was wanting to add my husband cause I was very satisfied with At&t but now I have a whole new outlook!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

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